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  1. beware


    No problem
  2. beware

    Engraving into animal horn?

    Proper horn can be laser marked and cut. It stinks. If it's resin it should be ok but check for PVC.
  3. You can alter the spring tension on a light touch by turning to knob.
  4. Not sure on the properties of Metallex but Gravoply Ultra is good for sea water. Not sure which finishes it comes in brass colourwise though.
  5. beware

    laser wood cuting

    Anything specific? You can mark and cut wood. If cutting it's best to use 'laserable' wood as the glue in normal plywood and MDF tends to clog up extractors..
  6. beware

    IS200 'Beep'

    No clue. Sorry.
  7. beware

    IS200 'Beep'

    It's on the power board
  8. beware


    Richards email should now be working.
  9. beware

    IS200 'Beep'

    I have experienced two IS200s that don't beep. It's not by any design or setting I know of. The beeper is either broken or disconnected.
  10. beware

    IS200 'Beep'

    There is no control of the beep short of finding the buzzer on the board and sticking blue tack (other brands available) to it. Experiment to taste.
  11. beware


    I will try and update when I know it's all sorted.
  12. beware

    Gravograph Russian

    Never tried but it works with Arabic. It should be OK. If you are able to get a Word document with the Russian in it then copy and paste is sometimes the easiest thing to test.
  13. beware

    Gravostyle gs6 problems

    Been finding this recently. GS 6 used to work on W10 but since the last Microsoft update it has failed. GS6 is not officially supported on W10 so either get W7 PC or upgrade to GS8 for £215. Ben
  14. beware

    Brick Engraving

    Thirded for John at Engrave Bricks. Lovely chap.
  15. Hi All, Just FYI, Gravograph are stopping production of the Model B manual ring engraver. We will continue to have parts available for repair for another 10 years. Currently there are 17 left in stock in France. So if you want one, contact your sales rep or send me a PM. Base RRP: £895 plus V.A.T. Thanks, Ben