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  1. beware


    Graham knows his stuff.
  2. Not for text on leather...
  3. Brand new I think about 8k. 2nd hand may require a new tube at about 800 inc fitting.
  4. Entry level from Gravograph would be the LS100 Energy. 25w glass tube CO2.
  5. If the import was successful you will have a new font in the font list called "logo yourfilename" (so under L). Select this font then click the eye button to preview and select the logo. Ben
  6. beware

    Dog Tags

    True. That rules out M20 energy and M10 and puts you in the realm of M20IQ.
  7. beware

    Dog Tags

    For a non spinning diamond drag mark for dog tags you could use an M20 Energy or the new M10. (Gravograph)
  8. beware

    Pantograph letters/patterns

    http://engravermart.com/ Give Martin a call. Highly recommended. (I believe he's on holiday soon if you have a problem getting through)
  9. beware


    No problem
  10. beware

    Engraving into animal horn?

    Proper horn can be laser marked and cut. It stinks. If it's resin it should be ok but check for PVC.
  11. You can alter the spring tension on a light touch by turning to knob.
  12. Not sure on the properties of Metallex but Gravoply Ultra is good for sea water. Not sure which finishes it comes in brass colourwise though.
  13. beware

    laser wood cuting

    Anything specific? You can mark and cut wood. If cutting it's best to use 'laserable' wood as the glue in normal plywood and MDF tends to clog up extractors..
  14. beware

    IS200 'Beep'

    No clue. Sorry.
  15. beware

    IS200 'Beep'

    It's on the power board