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  1. Dave the locksmith

    yale ID

    LK121 = JC2R
  2. Dave the locksmith

    yale ID

    LK104 = Silca GE106 if you want to add to your list
  3. Dave the locksmith

    Anyone know this lock?

    Silca CE4 ?
  4. Can try 1010 Security http://www.1010security.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=41bab7bc8ab983bacf3a367e92a22cf5&Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1010&Category_Code=MXCH
  5. Dave the locksmith

    Enfield garage bolt key

    Could also try Hughes Wholesale as they also sell federal products.
  6. ZA / ZL master key to open and the key should be on the front under the paint or sometimes marked on the inside on the lock body. But locks only retail at £10
  7. Dave the locksmith

    New Ronis keys

    F2001-2062 are cut on a LS13
  8. Silca didn't cost me £9K. But i have had it for years.
  9. Why not pay for silca yearly updates ? you pay for instacode yearly updates
  10. Dave the locksmith

    Broken fake.

    Dulux ?
  11. Silca everytime.
  12. Dave the locksmith

    ninja total / sica Futura engraving

    I use silca triax-e-code to engrave basic flat round and square do tags, never had any complaints. Been told the depth & quality is better than my local T**sons, but you are limited on range due to the size of the jaws.