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  1. Any body got any or have any leads on any M69's ?
  2. Dave the locksmith

    Karrite "MIssing Codes"

    I agree with Graham
  3. Dave the locksmith

    Level of service at SKS

    They have been going downhill long before JMA officially took over. Unfortunately they lost all the good staff to other companies. Trying to ask anything technical or asking for specific blanks is now a case of "the computer says no". Also anyone notice how many items are now "no longer made" its what they say when they no longer stock them.
  4. Dave the locksmith

    STARK key ID

    Silca ASS 45 is the 6 pin version of the ASS 44
  5. Dave the locksmith

    which machine to buy

    Silca everytime. Never had a problem, back up / support excellent.
  6. Dave the locksmith

    Davenport Burgess ER6

    Cant get JMA ER-1D's into the 5 pin locks either
  7. Dave the locksmith

    Key cut to code?

  8. Dave the locksmith

    Keeway key

    Looks like an old yamaha key blank
  9. Don't see how its untapped, every tom dick n harry now cuts, sells and programs keys. When I started programing Fords for Ford main dealers in 1995 /96 I was getting about £220 a car, when I finished roadside automotive work (in 2012 ish) a local chap was doing it for £50. To many people diluting the small pot.
  10. Less competition in the car market !! new one on me.
  11. http://www.jma.es/ecatalogo/ JMA cross reference software
  12. Dave the locksmith

    Cutters for Yale/Magnum keys.

    I use genuine blanks and the original silca cutters. I cut about 50 a month had an initial problem with the W268 cutter breaking so I purchased one from Foselect it lasted about 3 keys before it broke. So I went back to Silca original and adjusted the triax speeds and had no problems since.
  13. Used one of these for 20+ years never had a problem programming. Clarke Dual Voltage JumpStart® 12/24V