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  2. Hi does anyone know the cost of I'd 48 sniffer for use on the m box. Thanks
  3. Hi how much just for the key boards.

  4. Hi lottie.could you phone me on.07940528668. Greg
  5. Hi is the silca furore key machine still for sale.if so I am not far from you I can collect tomorrow if so. Greg
  6. Thanks very much Terry.that was a great help.
  7. Hi all. I have a n.s.u t.t steering lock no keys. What is the key for the car Also was given key code 29A84 8628 can anyone convert that code to the bitting Please. Thanks
  8. Hi can someone give me the Bitting for key code 02273 Toyota Corolla 2001. Thanks.
  9. Hi does anyone have an old chubb key cutting machine for ford and ldv f4O19 for sale. Thanks Greg
  10. Hi the measurements you want as follow in mm. thickness -0.99 width -5.55 lenth -35.01. HTH Greg
  11. Hi all. i have just bought a curtis mk2 tibbe key cutter. i need to replace the cutter. does anyone know if the cutter bolt is undone anti clockwise or clockwise. worried i might shear off if undone the wrong way its quite small. Thanks Greg
  12. Thanks all. i have ordered one. Greg cox