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  1. Thanks very much Terry.that was a great help.
  2. Hi all. I have a n.s.u t.t steering lock no keys. What is the key for the car Also was given key code 29A84 8628 can anyone convert that code to the bitting Please. Thanks
  3. Hi phone lockdecoders. Peter has plenty for sale.
  4. Hi can someone give me the Bitting for key code 02273 Toyota Corolla 2001. Thanks.
  5. Hi sent you a pm not sure if you got it about the rw4! Thanks.
  6. Hi all. i have just bought a curtis mk2 tibbe key cutter. i need to replace the cutter. does anyone know if the cutter bolt is undone anti clockwise or clockwise. worried i might shear off if undone the wrong way its quite small. Thanks Greg
  7. Thanks all. i have ordered one. Greg cox
  8. Hi all. how good is the mustang key machine.will it cut hu66 keys okay and any laser types it cant do and what do you think of it. Thanks Greg cox
  9. Hi all. i seem to have a problem with a miricle A6 had it for just over two years, when i cut a hu66 key for a 2002 skoda. it cuts the key okay but leaves an uncut piece on the nose of the key both sides. which ihave to file off. i put the key in The first postion. has anyone had this problem.i did a clamp origin reset that made no differance. also looked for any updates for the A6 on the korian site only for the A9. Thanks Greg cox
  10. Hi all. trying to get a hpc super jaw kit for blitz for cutting auto keys i find the standard jaw which comes with the blitz. to fidderly to cut auto keys. has anyone got the auto jaw for sale. Thanks Greg cox
  11. Hi i have to program. a 2003 iveco daily. i need a ad 100 cable and ad 146 cable. would anyone have one for sale or hire. this is a one off dont normally do iveco vans just helping someone out, Thanks greg cox