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  1. MarkD

    Double bit safe blank

    Kromer http://www.safespares.co.uk/product/kromer-solid-keyblank-small/
  2. Will be L&F 2802 locks
  3. Is that not for a 5 lever?
  4. MarkD

    Caliper gauge

    I believe Mitutoyo are a good brand but personally I use Aldi style, less than £10 ones as they are accurate enough for my purposes.
  5. Greenteq http://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/p-10067-greenteq-gamma-6-pin-genuine-key-blank-2qcy0051.aspx
  6. That looks promising thanks
  7. Thanks but I think they are all adult sizes, it's child size 12 (EU Size 30) we need.
  8. As if my children aren't enough trouble, the youngest now has feet wider than Clarks can cater for, he is off their scale so looking for size 12 H+. Any pointers as to retailers we could look at please?
  9. MarkD

    Zoo levers

    Hughes https://hugheswholesale.co.uk/zoo-zbsc-chubb-retro-levers-spacers.html
  10. Try Draper/Federal JMA YA-72
  11. MarkD

    Dimple key

    Looks like Hooply
  12. Thanks Count, that has sorted it.
  13. Since Lee posted this thread a week or so ago, it has been appearing in my unread content feed. Apparently I don't have permission to read it so have no way of removing it. A bit OCD I know but It's annoying seeing it there, how can I get rid of it please? Looks like I can't post the link to it, the title was 'Carp in .Eps'
  14. Currently out of stock at SKS https://www.sks.co.uk/search/?q=sk022