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  1. SKS say there are none available for the Enfield bolts which I believe are the same.
  2. You are correct, no idea why, similar thing happened with the ABS not so long ago but it didn't take long to be back.
  3. Paper bags

    Caught the end of 'Dom on the spot' on the TV at lunchtime where they were doing exactly this, rummaging through bins and fining people for putting recycling in with the general waste.
  4. TSS cylinder key

    They are re-badged Carl-F but if you want branded keys https://www.tradesecuritysupplies.co.uk/6-pin-cylinder-key-blank
  5. Clock repairs

    Could also be that you have a page dedicated to watch repairs and since watches are just small clocks then Google lists you.
  6. Brisant Blank

    and don't invalidate the customers guarantee with the manufacturer.
  7. The Fichet key (Possibly MxB) I think will need to be cut by Fichet themselves. I'd have thought the Abloy lock would be available from your favourite Abloy stockist.
  8. I think you mean http://www.windowhandlekeys.co.uk/ unfortunaltely they have now updated the site and appear to have removed the useful page. With a bit of sneekery however, a snapshot can be found at this link. https://web.archive.org/web/20160710082516/http://www.windowhandlekeys.co.uk:80/html/upvc_window_handle_keys-_handl.html
  9. Key id please

    This is the company https://www.secure-arc.com/
  10. I presume the issue is that if the previous shift forget to remove their padlock then the next shift can't work. The lockout hasps that I've seen require all padlocks to be removed before releasing which wouldn't help would it?
  11. All this effort and the snowman is still there
  12. Hi all,

    Cobbler or barber? Welcome aboard
  13. What's the story here, does the copied key work? A picture of the original key would be more helpful, there are a couple of profiles.
  14. All keyed alike for toilets and such like along Canals and what not. I presumed they would keep stocks or be able to put you in touch with their supplier. Keys are available so you could always pin something up to match I guess.
  15. Snow Man

    Seemed to be up this early last year too