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  1. MarkD

    Delvey suitcase

    Or maybe LS13
  2. Have you tried m112m and m116m?
  3. MarkD


    Always helps to ask the customer for a picture. Could be these. https://prolinehardware.ie/product/rr-range-cylinders/
  4. MarkD

    Rock Door key

    I opened a few safes for Origin a couple of months back https://origin-global.com/
  5. Good product but the prices are overinflated
  6. MarkD

    Rock Door key

  7. By my very unscientific screen measuring, this bit seems wider and might be catching on the lock case.
  8. Get your calipers on the flag, it looks a bit wider than the original.
  9. Plenty on eBay if not https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/173276190558?chn=ps
  10. Is it not GreenteQ?
  11. No, it's been a smooth transition to the new owners for me.
  12. MarkD

    Lock ID

    Filing cabinet plunger lock, I think Hudson made them.
  13. MarkD

    insurance cover

    Sounds very cheap, I pay nearly that as a one man band who doesn't carry the value of machines required for Auto work and without loss of earnings.