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  1. Quote Any current members or accounts are allowed to advertise for free, as long as they have been a member for at least 12 months and contributed to forum threads at least 20 times.
  2. This is the type of thread that should be banned. Just created an account to sell their stuff. Id delete this and ban them right away. If they want to advertise £20 donation in advance. take no prisoners
  3. Shoe Repair Prices

    Old Yale security key

    Actually im not sure why i assumed it's a Yale, It might not be...
  4. I'm getting tricky ones today. Anyone have an ideas about this key? I tried a silca ya2r but customer said it wouldn't do into the lock. Thanks
  5. Shoe Repair Prices

    Mesan key 5333

    EMK1 looks pretty close. will give it a go
  6. Shoe Repair Prices

    Mesan key 5333

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea about this key? I think it's off a tool box.. tried a few of the tricircle blanks with no luck. Cheers
  7. Shoe Repair Prices

    Cutters for Yale/Magnum keys.

    On the Futura, using original Yale blanks, I go through one 04L cutter (the snake part) every 40-50 keys. Never had to change the dimple cutter and ive cut about 250 superiors.
  8. Hi,

    Due to demand I've created a survey platform for the data to be collected.  I have a couple of things to ask:

    The system wont let me PM you.  Can you give me an email?



    1. CitySafe



      I am not sure why it won't let you PM me - I will look in to it.

      The best email address is admin@shoerepairer.info

      Kind Regards

    2. Shoe Repair Prices

      Shoe Repair Prices



      Emailed that address a few days ago.  Just making sure you got it ok?



  9. Jay, Here's a vid... Not Docs but the same idea... Post us some photos of your final work
  10. Shoe Repair Prices

    eurospec mp10

    If u get many of these, pick up a cheap dimple machine from China for 150 and do them manually
  11. Shoe Repair Prices

    Old Jag key

    Hi, Having problems with this key. It's for an 1989 xjs. I've worked out the ignition is a FO10... But unsure bout this... Apparently it's for the door. Anyone any ideas? Many thanks
  12. Shoe Repair Prices

    Part time and holiday repairer needed

    You make a point of saying "male or female"... what about transgender?
  13. Hi, Anyone know a blank for this key? The internal gauge is 10. Didn't get the external. Many thanks
  14. Hi, I've got a silca futura, but ive learned its a good idea to purchase a secondary machine for not so straight-forward jobs... So I bought the Citysafe laser machine as it has advertised the tilting jaws...A few hundred quid cheaper than the mustang i'll fly through the Yale superiors, I thought It doesn't come with any user manual, so I'm trying to work out what's what. I've not really used a manual laser before so it's a bit of a learning curve. One thing I don't understand is the angled cuts... Each jaw rotates separately, and there is no way to tell which angle each jaw is at ( I think?)... Maybe ive been spoilt with the ease of the futura... or does anyone know how this works? Is some sort of spirit level needed? I've emailed citysafe, and I'm sure they will answer soon... just thought id put it out in the forum