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  1. Hi, I've got a silca futura, but ive learned its a good idea to purchase a secondary machine for not so straight-forward jobs... So I bought the Citysafe laser machine as it has advertised the tilting jaws...A few hundred quid cheaper than the mustang i'll fly through the Yale superiors, I thought It doesn't come with any user manual, so I'm trying to work out what's what. I've not really used a manual laser before so it's a bit of a learning curve. One thing I don't understand is the angled cuts... Each jaw rotates separately, and there is no way to tell which angle each jaw is at ( I think?)... Maybe ive been spoilt with the ease of the futura... or does anyone know how this works? Is some sort of spirit level needed? I've emailed citysafe, and I'm sure they will answer soon... just thought id put it out in the forum
  2. Looks good. Will order some in. thanks
  3. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help with this key? It's for an internal locker. The ignition is a hu56rp. But can't find anything for the locker. Thanks in advance.
  4. Safe Key - pipe 7g

    Thanks for the replies and tips. I dont have my hands on the original atm but i'll do the measurements and do the drilling. Cheers
  5. Safe Key - pipe 7g

    cheers...never don't that before. u don't think there's a ready to go blank that will suit?
  6. Hi, I really should have took more photos but maybe someone can help. I'm looking for a key to do an unidentified safe. The internal pipe is 7 gauge so I ordered - https://nwkeys.co.uk/Product/7g-pipe-safe-3-4-ts067-7 However the key is too thick externally to go into the safe (see photo- left key) The one I need is the one on the right. The one I ordered has an external gauge of 3... I think the original was an external gauge of 4. NW cant help..SKS don't reply to emails. Does anyone know if its possible to get a thinner key with a pipe gauge of 7. Thanks
  7. Hi, There's a couple of threads regarding this key : http://shoerepairer.info/topic/19252-key-id-please/?hl=gmt http://shoerepairer.info/topic/18331-key-id-gmt/?hl=gmt Has anyone found a solution? If not has anyone changed one of these locks? Is it simple enough? Many thanks
  8. Hi Peter, Costs are the main thing. I sent you a PM. thanks
  9. Hi Guys, As there's no 3 phase in my shop, i was using the shops next door for the finishing machine. He disappeared just over a month ago owing money to everyone. So the electricity company came into his shop today,changed the locks and switched off the power. Court order etc. So im powerless. Does anyone know of a converter that can get me through a month or two, till i can get this sorted? An ebay special or if anyone has a second hand one for sale that they could post to Ireland (belfast) pretty quick, i would be interested. Im not sure of the spec, so i have included pics of the machine. It's a Whitfield and Wylie. Many thanks
  10. T5 Cloner

    If you don't find any... here's one on ebay... I know it's a clone but it will do the job https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2017-Latest-Multi-languages-Smart-Zed-Bull-With-Mini-Type-No-Tokens-Needed-/131775276890?_trksid=p2385738.m2548.l4275
  11. I think this is something you may have more luck selling on ebay... Something along the lines of - WOW!! - retail price £2000 - £3000.. Grab a bargain, yada yada. Good luck
  12. Maybe someone will buy them for the right price... however your post is unspecfic... How many magic beans you have for sale, and how magic are they?
  13. Hi, does anyone have any idea if you can make this to code? HF75 goes in but there is nothing in the futura. Many thanks
  14. Card Key

    When it comes to car key batteries, youtube is your best friend . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEhdvUm8tqY
  15. which machine to buy

    the jma is just the silca futura ... only a bit behind.... I am curious, why wud you buy this unless you got a mega discount?