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  1. Think the long WMS on might do that - kwl4 - sks
  2. abababa

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Do you have any videos of this working? If not, any photos? Does it do all the different colours of paxton fobs as listed on your website?
  3. Hi Rick, Thanks for the reply. there's no rush on these as the customer said it wasn't that important so ill just order from aliexpress to have them in stock. Do you have the link or the sellers name? cheers
  4. Hi, Anyone know of a blank that will do this key? I've searched the forum and beyond and can't see anything. Cheers
  5. im pretty sure it is. Think it even uses the t5 chip? If you are testing it out, make sure you use ym15t as the non transponder one isn't long enough to go into the ignition (i seem to remember)
  6. is that a ym15 ..old sprinter key?
  7. abababa

    Avocet. Pioneer

    cheers Chris... you're really helpful on here... u have these keys? if so i will order through u (plus other stuff)
  8. abababa

    Avocet. Pioneer

    Had one of these in today. Does anyone know if they can be cut on the Futura? I looked under Avocet but couldn't find anything (apart from the locked card for the other key). thanks
  9. abababa

    Union Key ID

    Yea but if you charged £30, you could lose twice as much on the tables
  10. I'm pretty sure the forum owners are the cheapest but only do the most popular profiles. https://www.citysafeuk.com/ Potentially marry that with a 10 or 20 percent discount if there are any offers when you order.
  11. abababa

    silca mer39

    http://charlesbirch.com/p-16263-silca-mer39-meroni.aspx They have 84 in stock... Cant see them anywhere else
  12. My sales Rep Porter, acts like he's your best friend when hes in your shop but if you ask him any questions about the products or ask support questions after, he ignores them... then, after ignoring 6 or 7 emails, comes into your shop again acting like he's your best friend... needless to say I chased him... How hard is it to understand that after-sales is important. Off-course i'm going to order from SKS again, but small orders. Why give these horrible Reps the commission?! http://sks.cx/docs/sks/salesareas2015.pdf
  13. I'm a bit thick. What's going on?
  14. To answer your question.... No... Not within the next few decades at least...