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  1. To answer your question.... No... Not within the next few decades at least...
  2. Aba-Baba

    Lock ID

    I've found them... Cheers guys https://sentryfireproof.com/replacement-lock-standard-hudson-plunger-lock.html A tad expensive (and far away) The head of the school ain't gonna like this. She nearly had a heart attack when i said "maybe about 20 quid" She'll have to make cut backs in other areas to pay that much
  3. Aba-Baba

    Lock ID

    Will check that out now
  4. Aba-Baba

    Lock ID

    Cheers ... They look close... Only possible problem Is the screw going into the back. The ones I see have a different fitting...eg https://www.easylocks.co.uk/viro-oval-bullet-lock+bullet_locks_pin_length=43mm+default_keying_options=Keyed~To~Differ?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1_iszZ6I3AIVF_lRCh3OngzbEAQYASABEgIWwvD_BwE Does anyone know if this will do the job?
  5. Dog tag sales up 200 percent since his arrival
  6. I improvised a solution... But you can buy the jaws ( I believe) from China that will slot in and out of the machine that will maybe be more accurate.. Alibaba etc
  7. Hi, Is anyone able to tell me the name of this type of lock? (So I can order some) It's for an old Chubb filing cabinet. The school caretaker drilled it out as they lost the keys. Thanks
  8. Aba-Baba

    Abus key

    ...and you've got 1000 of his blanks to sell?????
  9. Aba-Baba

    Abus key

    Spoke to Alan. Hes coming back to me. Thanks Graham
  10. Aba-Baba

    Abus key

    Theres a company called all locks but they're not the same. All lock website is down and Tel number is going dead even using the new dialing code .. I say new.. it was changed 20 years ago... Who is the supplier? Is it abus directly? Is there any possibility they wud fire me over some blanks given that the company has ceased trading?
  11. Aba-Baba

    Abus key

  12. Aba-Baba

    Abus key

    its prob not too far off. If all else fails i'll order a few similar ones and get the customer to try them
  13. Got this one in. The Tel. number on it seems to be from an old chain that are no longer trading. I don't have much knowledge of these old abus keys. Can anyone help? Is there a corresponding blank or a bypass key? Thanks