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  1. cowers lane 583

    Renata gold.

    Anyone trying these. ( from birch/cousins) I am going to try them, my main concerns being. 1- small range, meant to be for high end, so where are 315, 373s. No high drain. 2- you are kind of denigrating your standard range ( in my case normal Renata) in order to upsell.
  2. Feedback seems to be they are poor. As Kobblers said, people don't like using them. I would say though, vending machines tend to be the same price or more than sweet shops, but I still don't see them as a threat. And I'm not interested on matching them for price, most key cutters offer a far more comprehensive service.
  3. cowers lane 583

    customer service in question

    Bit disappointing for the independents, one of the replies reckons she would have got better service at a chain.
  4. Retail is changing, and I happily adapt and embrace those changes, but sometimes... "That'll be £1.50, how are you paying?" " Card." " absolutely fine, " but in my head, " of course, you f*****g millennial" .....it annoys me.
  5. Once arranged a bulk discount for a new customer. A week went by, he hadn't returned. Then he came to complain that I had been overcharging him. But I said you haven't been in. He said he had been sending in his assistant, who I'd never met, and had given me no indication of who he worked for or of any prior pricing agreement.
  6. cowers lane 583

    New Ronis keys

    I'm in Italy at mo, so don't have access to all the info. But the last SKS monthly update had a new ronis blank on it, could it be that. Mike.
  7. cowers lane 583

    Embracing change

    I very much doubt super trendy millenials go to Gregg's.
  8. cowers lane 583

    Embracing change

    I have no minimum. But do sell my caps at 50p each. ( discount to 30p for volume.)
  9. cowers lane 583

    Broken fake.

    Yea, me, I've broken the bezel on a fake Chanel watch. ( got the customer to clearly state it was a fake, before taking it on, about the only thing I've done right in this situation.) Now while I believe legally I can just say tough, I've broken it so I'm liable. I'm thinking, it's just not a viable repair, so valuing the watch as an unbranded ( or a sekonda) ceramic watch puts it at a value of about £50. Any thoughts anyone?
  10. cowers lane 583

    Broken fake.

    I can genuinely say the range of advice I got on this thread was very useful.
  11. cowers lane 583

    new income stream

    Yes, I agree. I'm getting very tyred of this thread.
  12. cowers lane 583

    Broken fake.

    Customer sorted. Explained the situation, settled on £40. She says she feels bad about taking it, but she has got more jobs for me. Told her you live and learn, not to worry about it, these things can happen. I'm sure to make back that money from her. ( recently she had spent £35 on several watch batteries). Good to deal with the situation and not lose the customer.
  13. cowers lane 583

    Broken fake.

    I definitely broke it, but the materials are also substandard. Saying it's a counterfeit of no real value, might be inflammatory, but it's factual and direct and would be a good start ( for me) in the upcoming negotiations .
  14. cowers lane 583

    Broken fake.

    Here's a picture.
  15. Converted and tried the number, no luck. Any ideas. Mike.
  16. cowers lane 583

    Dimple keys

    I seem to be getting close to the same situation as you, looking at mustang, hadn't thought about punto, but might. You don't seem to be getting much input on price but I'm thinking {,and budgetting at } they will be in the £12-£20 selling price. Still not there yet, but as some one said on this forum, " it's not just about that sales, it also about offering an additional service". I think it was Simes.
  17. Reading the reviews, a lot of suspiciously good ones, butsome people complaining about the quality, it's £8, get real.
  18. Customer came in standard Timpsons HD cisa cylinder brass key for cutting . I only had that blank in steel, but to her it being brass was more important. I cut her a brass universal instead, explaining the minor difference, and if it did not work come back for a refund or recut. She said if it doesn't work, she'll probably go back to get a brass one from Timpsons. Do HD still supply most of Timpsons blanks or has it changed ( and therefore timpsons probably won't do it in brass anymore.). Going to order some brass from HD.
  19. cowers lane 583


    Why would you put this instruction underneath the battery. Ridiculous. Watch set up fine.
  20. cowers lane 583

    Single Use Plastic

    I do like the the whole display blister, sell boxed idea, and will do that, but do any of the suppliers do the combination padlocks( low end) boxed, they always seem to be blister packs.
  21. cowers lane 583

    Single Use Plastic

    While this thread seems more about the plastic that arrives in deliver, a lot of times the customer is to "blame" . I've decided to change from birch/zone blister pack padlocks to zone boxed. I think the zone box packaging looks fine, but really the blister pack is much more eye-catching. I will stick with the boxed zones, padlocks aren't an important part of my business, but I could imagine most retailers would go for the most eye catching because long and short of it it will sell a lot better.
  22. cowers lane 583

    Evva eps

    Basically after info on these so I can better handle enquiries. I though they were locksmith specific profiles, but never seem to have locksmith contact details in them. Getting a few in from estate agents (not the owners) and never know exactly what to tell them or where to redirect them.
  23. cowers lane 583

    Evva eps

    Thank you. But it's not really a case of me cutting or obtaining the key, but more where I should direct these agents, to a master locksmith, evva , back to the owner of the lock or possibly the internet.
  24. cowers lane 583

    fishy watches

    Good brushing removes most. Can definitely be a bit sickening. Maybe he bought His fish smelling watch to you because of your name, soles'n'eels ?! Lol.
  25. cowers lane 583

    Davenport Burgess ER6

    HD blanks always seemed a bit shallow. Never had a problem with either Silca, or JMA.