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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. Members of the forum feel free to pop in for a cuppa after 10 am. Started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. Reading the reviews, a lot of suspiciously good ones, butsome people complaining about the quality, it's £8, get real.
  2. Customer came in standard Timpsons HD cisa cylinder brass key for cutting . I only had that blank in steel, but to her it being brass was more important. I cut her a brass universal instead, explaining the minor difference, and if it did not work come back for a refund or recut. She said if it doesn't work, she'll probably go back to get a brass one from Timpsons. Do HD still supply most of Timpsons blanks or has it changed ( and therefore timpsons probably won't do it in brass anymore.). Going to order some brass from HD.
  3. cowers lane 583


    Why would you put this instruction underneath the battery. Ridiculous. Watch set up fine.
  4. cowers lane 583

    Single Use Plastic

    I do like the the whole display blister, sell boxed idea, and will do that, but do any of the suppliers do the combination padlocks( low end) boxed, they always seem to be blister packs.
  5. cowers lane 583

    Single Use Plastic

    While this thread seems more about the plastic that arrives in deliver, a lot of times the customer is to "blame" . I've decided to change from birch/zone blister pack padlocks to zone boxed. I think the zone box packaging looks fine, but really the blister pack is much more eye-catching. I will stick with the boxed zones, padlocks aren't an important part of my business, but I could imagine most retailers would go for the most eye catching because long and short of it it will sell a lot better.
  6. cowers lane 583

    Evva eps

    Thank you. But it's not really a case of me cutting or obtaining the key, but more where I should direct these agents, to a master locksmith, evva , back to the owner of the lock or possibly the internet.
  7. cowers lane 583

    Evva eps

    Basically after info on these so I can better handle enquiries. I though they were locksmith specific profiles, but never seem to have locksmith contact details in them. Getting a few in from estate agents (not the owners) and never know exactly what to tell them or where to redirect them.
  8. cowers lane 583

    fishy watches

    Good brushing removes most. Can definitely be a bit sickening. Maybe he bought His fish smelling watch to you because of your name, soles'n'eels ?! Lol.
  9. cowers lane 583

    Davenport Burgess ER6

    HD blanks always seemed a bit shallow. Never had a problem with either Silca, or JMA.
  10. cowers lane 583

    Would this be unprofessional?

    Having Saturday night out in Scarborough, so could do with an early night.
  11. cowers lane 583

    Would this be unprofessional?

    Can't really claim to be a super saint, the other reason I'm going up north is to go on the piss with my friends from school and watch some football on Sunday. Got to be back Monday for my wedding anniversary.
  12. cowers lane 583


    I like your reasoning, I am going to drastically reduce the premium I charge for ordering keys in, not quite prepared to not charge extra. I think I'm the only one locally that will special order keys in for customers.
  13. cowers lane 583

    Would this be unprofessional?

    Done, good job her name was unusual. Collecting tomorrow. No problems, seemed fairly happy.
  14. Last week ,A repeat customer has come in for some more keys for her house in Spain, where she lives. Said no rush, but she is leaving for Spain in a couple of weeks. Ordered and cut the keys, no problem, within a couple of days. Sent her a text, phone no not recognized.( she wrote it down fairly clearly.). I really need to close this Friday, to visit my very old mum, up north. I think I have found the customer in Facebook, should I use this as a means to contact her. ? Just have strong reservations about that, but really need to tell her I'm closed, if she is going abroad.
  15. cowers lane 583


    Quick enquiry. You've got a "probable" match. Would you still order it for the customer, and how much or how much more than a standard cylinder would you charge?