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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. Members of the forum feel free to pop in for a cuppa after 10 am. Started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. Recently been doing quite a few jobs for a well known charity. Nice and straight forward, didn't ask for payment, but they got me a Sainsbury's gift cards. Shame, I was really hoping for a go on one of their Haitian prostitutes really!
  2. Hi all

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. A couple of things I noticed at M & S

    Just helping my mum. More of an aldi guy myself
  4. I guess the answer is "Bloody no!" Probably one more for the Welsh market than the English. Make your own joke.
  5. Customer ( either foreign or possibly a speech impediment.) came in on Friday. I could of swore he asked " have you got any bollocks?" "Yes I've got a lovely pair of bollocks, thanks for asking!" I replied, being honest. "No, wollocks!" I sold him a wallet.
  6. Three for a tenner? Really?

    Wish I had an ivory tower to look down from. Never mind I've kind of got a golden limousine.....well a fifteen year old blue zafira, close enough.
  7. loop king laces

    Got some in, I like the look and the packaging. As I said, my customers are commuter based so not convinced they will sell well, but they add interest to what can be a boring display. The back instructions both made me laugh and feel really old. This is my idea of sharing it on social media though.
  8. loop king laces

    I'll definitely will give them a try. If they are aimed more at trainers than casual, does that mean 114/90cm are better sellers than the more business like 75cm, that's a bit of a shame as my shop is very commuter based. As for the price nearly every product range has a place for a high end range, whether it be shoe laces, umbrellas or watch straps.
  9. Snow Man

    Maybe he wanted to go dogging?
  10. Forum Upgrade

    Well , You can have a heart .
  11. Forum Upgrade

    The "like" button leaves a little heart. I know it's not politically correct for me to say this but that's a bit effeminate.
  12. Introduction.....

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Great, never really thought of myself as "Gangster". I will maintain my new gangster persona by doing a substandard job next time I'm down to clean my local church.
  14. loop king laces

    I think birch might be selling them soon. I think they look great, but a bit pricey, will give them a try. Black and brown to start, then try some other colours if it pans out.
  15. Card machine Merchant Rentals

    When I left RMS for worldpay, they sent me a bill of £220. I checked my t & c, that clearly indicated a termination charge of £120. I wrote to them, explaining this enclosing a cheque for £120. As Kobblers says, check your t & c, you might have to pay.