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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. Members of the forum feel free to pop in for a cuppa after 10 am. Started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. cowers lane 583

    Mushroom pins

    That's because I'm a "fungi".
  2. cowers lane 583

    Mushroom pins

    Sorry, I completely had the wrong end of the stick.
  3. cowers lane 583

    Mushroom pins

    Cousins also do a range of pressure pins, which are easier to use.
  4. cowers lane 583


    As a father of four mixed race daughters, I would like to live in a world free of sexism or racism. However, if the next time I pick up a bottle of "shampoo" in my shower, and it's something like " conditioner for boisterous hair!" or " Eskimo themed bio body creme", I will literally dedicate my life to tipping ethnic lesbians off chairs.
  5. cowers lane 583

    Best quality coined keys

    You do see to be able to get more letters on the JMA/SKS G head.
  6. cowers lane 583


    Added these stickers onto my last vistaprint order. As a father of four daughters ( and a wife) , all with seemingly completely different hair types and beauty regimes, I am SICK of having to pick up at least four bottles in the shower before finding "normal" shampoo. Probably going to put it on hook about 6.5 /7 feet up.
  7. cowers lane 583

    Best quality coined keys

    Start of this topic was not impressed by coining, but seen as I also do a lot of keys for agents, coining would actually be a very cost effective way to advertise. And the extra costs are virtually negligible.
  8. cowers lane 583

    Best quality coined keys

    But coining will still only cover what you need it for on the top selling blanks .
  9. cowers lane 583

    Best quality coined keys

    I just stamp my initial on every key I cut.
  10. cowers lane 583

    Best quality coined keys

    Always struck me as pointless. Doesn't instill any customer loyalty or return customer.
  11. cowers lane 583


    Does this help. A JMA next to a brass HD.
  12. cowers lane 583

    Union mortice can't be copied?

    Mind you I really don't think my new e-pos system helps.
  13. cowers lane 583

    Union mortice can't be copied?

    Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one , where a customer comes in and says," I've tried a proper shop, but they can't do it, but maybe now you can help?" " What? , in my pretend shop!"
  14. Had a customer enquiry for a Thule roof rack key. Checked the SKS catalogue, to see what it says. Well, thanks for telling me Thule are generally roof racks, that's a great bloody help! N.B. Did a forum search, came back silca LF12, JMA VO-1, LF-39d.
  15. cowers lane 583

    Key ID please

    559/1 SKS code.?