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  1. The Wartime Cobbler

    I'm back. Had a bit of time away from this site. Lee: No. it isn't a Timpson's shirt, I bought it at a charity shop and it is about 30 years old. The photo was taken at the 'Museum of Kent Life', Maidstone, Kent. The Cobblers shop was dismantled and moved to the museum. I have the pleasure of inhabiting it every year for a weekend. The event is called 'Christmas on the Home Front.' I will be posting a list of the events that I will be doing this year soon.
  2. The Wartime Cobbler

    Was talking a load of cobblers when this was taken....
  3. The Wartime Cobbler

    Long time not been on here..... Just did Kent Life Museum at Maidstone, Kent. I was a civilian cobbler in their cobblers shop. Had a wonderful time. Will post some photo's when I find some on Facebook.
  4. The Wartime Cobbler

    My Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/The-Wartime-Cobbler-766054536739043/
  5. The Wartime Cobbler

    The trade badge is a generic thing, it denotes that you have a trade or Skill, ie. Cobbler, Mechanic, Saddler, Armourer etc.
  6. The Wartime Cobbler

    The Sergeant stripes. The trade badge on them denotes that I'm an Artificer Sergeant. It is on the stripes so as to leave a space above for a Staff Sergeant Crown if I were to be promoted. If I was depicting an Artificer Corporal (two stripes) the Trade badge would be above the Stripes. Sorry for posting late. Been on holiday.
  7. Down at heel.

    StevenB. Did the boots yesterday. Did the heels the way you said. Not 100% perfect, but very happy with the results. Will do it better next time.
  8. Down at heel.

    Thank you StevenB. Am new to all this and want to do things the old way when possible so appreciate all the help I can get, so once again, thanks you for the help.
  9. Have got a pair of ammo boots that are a bit down at heel. The heel leather is worn down to nearly one layer. What is the best way to build up the level.? Peel of down to the next layer and add a new strip or patch up with a slither of angled leather and file till its level with the rest of the heel? Your comments and help will be more than welcome. Thank you in advance.
  10. The Wartime Cobbler

    At Firepower, Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich on the 21st Feb. doing Cobbling demo (if all goes well). Am at Dover Transport Museum on the 25th & 26th April, if in the area come and say 'Hello'.
  11. The Wartime Cobbler

    Just come through the post. Will add more photo's when restored. Look forward to using it at the next event.
  12. The Wartime Cobbler

    Have now got an even longer wish list. Most of the tools and equipment were very rusty and dirty. Spent most of the time restoring tools and lasts. Next time I'm there, all they will need is a quick wipe over.
  13. The Wartime Cobbler

    Christmas on the Home Front at the Museum of Kent Life.
  14. The Wartime Cobbler

    Chatham Dockyard. At Gravesend this weekend. The New Tavern Fort.
  15. The Wartime Cobbler

    So far it has just been a static display. Mainly just colleting tools and materials. Polishing I have been doing for years, hobnails for the last three. At Chatham will be doing boot polishing and hobnails. Gravesend will be trying stitching as well, as some of the stitching has come away at the heel. Ultimate aim is to have a mobile workshop based on a shed on wheels that looks like a Wartime Cobblers Shop. Next year I hope to be at Mapledurham, and Epping and Ongar Railways 40's weekends. Photo below is at Chatham Historic Dockyard's 'Salute to the 40's 2013'