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  1. hi iv tried to reset my password via website i get email saying click this link i input email address and check validation code they match input password twice and it keeeps looping same message iv double checked both passwords are correct any help please. The following errorswere detected:Failed to update your password. Please check the email address and validation key are correct and verify the new password matches.
  2. Deanzke

    Easter weekend

    off til 9th April
  3. Deanzke


    No I was after a pair of there heel blocks Size 1 "Royal"
  4. Does anyone have an account with casali?
  5. Hi all has anyone got a pair of blue svig rodi soles in men's I could buy from them I've done some shoes for a customer but haven't been able to get the soles for 3wks was hoping to have them done this week for him but just been informed there still out of stock I only need 1pair I would use the vibram but it's a completely different colour to the heel thanks Dean
  6. Deanzke

    Gatemate Key

    i got mine from here :-************they cut them to code had few customers asking about them Pleased do not posts anymore links to that site as they are banned from this forum. Thank you. Rick. Moderator.
  7. I found it thank you Michael
  8. Any ideas on prices?
  9. Anyone know where to get one of these at a reasonable price.
  10. They are in USA and because I didn't place my order with them because Cromwell found a zip in this country they sent me email offering postage cheaper. Hello. I am Martin, a manager of Zipper and Thread. I see your abandoned checkout and I guess the reason is high shipping cost. If you still want the item, I would like to send you via ‘International Mail, which is about $5.oo. Please, let me know your thought. Thanks. I thought it was good of them.