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  1. Square card reader never have any problems £19 to buy & 1.75% transaction fee run it via mobile phone customers love it & so do I If anyone wants to start it up message me & your first £1000 is free of charges!
  2. Square card reader £19 own outright transaction fees will work out about the same My savings are cancelled landline £26 per month £18 per month terminal rental & no compliance bollocks & when Im busy with customers or trying to get work done & Eddie rings from Sri Lanka with hello sir can I speak to the owner? Now he can try because he & others are blocked from ringing the mobile phone my business moblie is for customers to ring me only!!!
  3. Thanks Guys I've checked the T&C'S & I have to pay up but at least I will be shut of them & by June I will be saving £46 per month & like a ex girlfriend never go back!
  4. Hi Guys Ive signed a 2 year contract 5 years ago & have served them with 30 days notice to end the facility I think they trying to take the P##s & want £115 to end my agreement anyone else had the same issue?
  5. I have the windows & door open even in winter!
  6. At least there not ringing the shop landline!!
  7. cobbcas

    music license for shop

    Personal dab radio with one earphone in always hear the customer & even when machines are on with ear defenders still can hear the radio & not filling the likes of cliff Richards pockets because let's face it half the music on the radio is shite!
  8. cobbcas

    Suede renovator , just rude.

    Ha ha ha I once repaired a handbag & while working on it a pair of skiddy knickers fell out the dirty bitch never collected that bag as she must have remembered they was in the bag!
  9. cobbcas


    Car key technology will take a different route & that will mean purchasing more equipment!
  10. Any ideas where I can get these? Leather & Grindery don't stock neither do Colledges
  11. cobbcas

    Electricity supplier

    Thank you all I've gone with opus!
  12. cobbcas

    Electricity supplier

    Thanks Graham but I'm looking for a business supply!