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  1. almeriasecure

    avocet attkk

    Graham,I know you are good but not that good. Even you could not get a BRS2 to fit an Ultion. BRS2 is for Brisant E.
  2. almeriasecure

    avocet attkk

    Silca BRS2 is the key blank I use.
  3. Genuine Yale key blanks are made with very hard metal & I do not use them because, as you have found, it is bad for the cutters. I use brass HD MAG1 from Davenport Burgess.
  4. almeriasecure

    Key blank I'd

    I looked again & dont think its a an AB89.
  5. almeriasecure

    Key blank I'd

    AB89 Silca
  6. almeriasecure

    Key ID

    Thank you all for the advice on key ID. Howard was spot on with the RV lock. The picture shows the exact lock on the van. Daves FCS1D advice looks spot on too & am ordering stock blanks from SKS. This forum is always a great help to the key cutting universe.
  7. almeriasecure

    Key ID

    Cheers Count Tried that without success.
  8. almeriasecure

    Key ID

    Any ideas on this key blank which is for a vehicle door lock. I got a CAX1R to open the lock but not happy as it is not the correct blank.
  9. almeriasecure

    SKS prices

    8" ooh err! So size does matter.
  10. almeriasecure

    SKS prices

    LOL Graham. What length are your keyboard hooks? I fill the hooks up & keep the rest in the boxes they came in or plastic wall storage boxes.
  11. almeriasecure

    SKS prices

    My solution to the keys not fitting is simple. I use key rings.
  12. I have just heard that Brisant Ultion has lost its Sold Secure rating. Has any one else any news on this and the reason why?
  13. almeriasecure

    Key ID please

    Thank you all for your speedy replies.