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  1. a1shoecare

    Paxton fobs

    Where in Canary Wharf are you James Shoe care ?
  2. Do you reckon one day you will be able to put your head in a machine to get a hair cut
  3. a1shoecare

    fishy watches

    The bloke I have working with me part time would do that then eat a bag of crisps and suck his fingers afterwords
  4. a1shoecare


    Ya 26i maybe ?
  5. a1shoecare


    Done good luck
  6. a1shoecare

    call out charges

    healthcheck done just waiting for our quote cheers keith fast service and a friendly engineer sean
  7. i charge 4.95 shoes and 5.95 for boots but all repairs get a good going over with urad regardless
  8. i had a man come in a while ago his wife had bought a pair of shoes from france when she got back she noticed that 2 left shoes were in the box she had sent her husband down to me to ask me to make one of the left shoes into a right so she can wear them wtf (*,)
  9. a1shoecare

    call out charges

    ok thanks for replys ive managed to get it a little better ive a feeling its gonna be a big bill to sort
  10. afternoon to you all does anyone know who is cheaper to deal with for a machine fix out of standard and siserve we've got a whitefield 700 and the smooth band keeps on sliping off its the right band as i checked it with a friends 700 i reckon its an easy quick fix so i dont want to have to pay out big call out bills,i know i can phone them and ask but id also like to know if anyones had dealings with either recomendations and or prices guides would be of great help many thanks