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  1. wellsy9

    Side shields

    Try mastergrave also. They might have similar ones.
  2. wellsy9

    GMT Key id please

    The federal I had in stock was too short but I will have a look again tomorrow. Cheers
  3. Any ideas what blank to use for this? Couldn't find it in the book. Cheers Ian
  4. I would start with just a small selection of collars in various sizes. You can buy leather and canvas type adjustable collars to begin with and see how they sell. Having Poundland and Home Bargains near my shop meant I wasn't selling many.
  5. I tried this a few years ago but was not a great seller. Thought it would go well alongside the pet tags but maybe only sold a few here and there. The leads I got were crap, but some of the collars were ok. Might be different if you are close to a dog grooming salon and you can adverise it alongside fancy pet tags.
  6. wellsy9

    Roland metaza MPX-95

    Not used a Metaza MPX-95 but if you are looking for a small engraver then the U-marq RX5 is great. Same price as the Metaza but can probably do a little bit more.
  7. Cheers. I thought that might be a good place to look
  8. Hi All Where would I be able to get one of these from? It is a capacitor for an Orion Super Rigel cylinder machine. Can't see any on the suppliers websites. Cheers Ian
  9. Got both the mk2 and lancer and would recommend both. Lancer is more sturdy than the mk2 but both good machines.
  10. wellsy9

    MVP Pro

    No problem. Donation made this morning.
  11. wellsy9

    MVP Pro

    Sold on Gumtree Rick but I will make a donation.
  12. wellsy9

    MVP Pro

    Sorry this is now sold.
  13. wellsy9

    royal salangor

    Online Enquiries: +603 4145 6005 Email: info@royalselangor.com General Line: +603 4145 6000 Address: 4, Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya 53300 Kuala Lumpur