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  1. completelocks

    watch movements

    Good supplier of low end watch movements, miyota etc, anyone?
  2. completelocks

    Chinese mailbox camlock blanks

    A junkmail box?
  3. I know what it means. I was asking who decides "right, stop making parts for this now"
  4. Can I ask who decides when a machine becomes `obsolete`? Surely there are people still using them. Seems a bit unfair really.
  5. completelocks

    Supplier Price Survey 2017

    Is there not gonna be a yearly price survey as normal?
  6. completelocks

    Charles Birch

    The "price per 10" gets me, when it says underneath it "Min order 30". So basically that's the price of a third of the minimum order.
  7. Get a key scan and a SKP900 together with VPC100 for the codes. I sold my MVP Pro.
  8. completelocks

    Cutting an eBay key

    £15... £20... I seriously need to re think my fiver for cutting one!
  9. completelocks

    101 pins

    Had some on my last order from Birch. She's due Monday and will be asking for more. See what she says.
  10. completelocks

    Keyscan wanted

    I use mine quite a bit. It does the job. The PC suite for looking vehicles up is absolute bobbins though. I could plug it a car, try it and realise it's not on the list before the PC suite has told me. That is its major downfall, but apart from it's worth having.
  11. completelocks

    Rock Door key

    U6D universal every time. None back.