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  1. Paper bags

    I put every key in a zip bag with a paper slip informing them that "sometimes small adjustments are necessary" blah blah blah I feel this is far more professional than just giving them back a key. It costs only a couple of pence per customer and we factor that into our pricing.
  2. Paper bags

    We've always used paper bags for shoes and plastic for boots. I've been looking at paper carrier bags for boots but they cost a lot more than plastic! Also we put all cut keys into plastic zip seal bags, I think we will move over to paper. But you are right too much plastic in packaging from manufacturers.
  3. Hi V, I once had to fit 10prs of pink dance shoes with pink soles. Just bought pink leather skin and glued them up with suede side down. Perfect job. Customer was over the moon.
  4. You are probably right, the address it is running from is a postal box address (and phone number). That seems like a strange decision to make after everything that has been said....if it true!
  5. mister minit

    I'd imagine looking at the date of the original post, this refers to Cando4U. They have 3 or 4 shops in Somerset, owned and run by the Harris family one time directors (?) of Minit.
  6. Yeah MM is still big in Oz, i saw one in nearly every shopping centre i went in.
  7. I've just changed to Supercolle Neo from Colledges on price grounds. (6092 £50 odd, Supercolle £31) Having read this post i've just checked and it also contains Toluene. I too thought it had been made illegal or been recommended to be removed. It seems pretty decent adhesive but low and behold i have a stonking headache today!.....Time will tell.
  8. Commando units

    I've always used a drop of fairy liquid but I'm gonna try a quick shine sponge now.
  9. Put a drop of oil down the tube, wait 10 mins then tap down on the last. Not a definite answer but has worked a few times for me. Good luck.
  10. Hi from New Zealand

    Hi,where in NZ are you are where in UK were you? Just being inquisitive.
  11. I'm £2.50 per inch and i always give myself a week. Very few don't leave them as not many repairers do them around here. I'd rather the didn't though, i bloody hate doing them!
  12. Silca servers

    An update was required on your M-box software today. You'll need to do that before you can do anything else.
  13. More than 10 years ago, probably nearly 20!.....Thank god!
  14. I think Glenway need to explain in more detail how it works. I had no idea the percentage rate they gave or that they would give the business to the nearest account holder if they end user finds themselves to their website. That said it still doesn't sit well with me, i'm still not convinced!
  15. I couldn't believe that myself this morning! Why on earth would we want to do that? However, customers of theirs that don't do engraving (sport shops, gift shops etc) will love it so basically Glenway are trying to cut us engravers out!