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  1. Does anyone run a successful eCommerce site? We have a couple that we have tried over the years and had limited success. Both have had loads of time and more importantly money thrown at them to not only make them look good but on SEO and Google ads to try and get up the rankings. Yet all that money has still left us on page two of Google otherwise known as Googles graveyard. I'm not really sure what I am asking help with, except for whether i should keep chucking money at SEO or Goggle ads or just walk away. I've even had a dabble with Ebay and Amazon but to be honest i don't fancy being a busy fool so given up on those type of sites. Surely someone is making good money from online sales?
  2. Just wanted to say thank you to Valerie at Forest Cobbler for helping me out recently. and what makes it even better that rather than excepting any payment for her work she just asked for a donation to the Jimmy Mizden foundation. You are a star V, thank you very much (donation all done)
  3. Paul_


    Yep, bought and sold a couple of things over the years. You should have no problem buying from him.
  4. Paul_

    Best Supplier for Laces

    I buy all mine from Tie Tight Laces. Great packaging, great laces (and insoles). No internet presence ( ) but Jeanette will call on you ever 6 weeks if you want.
  5. Paul_

    warranty / servicing

    Do your research as to who you are buying one through and you should be ok. You can use a couple of independent service engineers to have the machine checked over if required. Mario (don't know him personally) or Mervyn at Microwhite
  6. Paul_


    Back pain! Apparently worst culprits of lower back pain: Driving = 19 years as a rep! Half bending = Standing at finisher all day for the last 5 years Using vibrating machinery = See above! Put me down now!
  7. Paul_

    salisbury area

    The only independent is Salisbury is now Acremans in Brown Street he should be able to help. There was another until a few months ago but he had to close down as his shop was literally next to where the Russians were poisnened. The police cordon included his shop! If it's any help my shop is 20 miles away in Warminster. www.nicksshoerepairs.co.uk Hope this helps.
  8. Has anybody got 4 spare G790 gold netball medal from Goodwill. They are out of stock at the mo. Cheers Paul
  9. Paul_

    New Stock

    We often have the same train of thought. Zippo for us are ok, we sell at least couple a week, once you add a gift box and some engraving they are quite profitable. Yet i know a couple of other guys in shops who say they haven't sold one in ages?! If you are going to order Zippo send me a PM, i might be able to save you a few ££ (i don't supply them btw) Paul
  10. Morning, We are considering doing a couple of country fairs this summer with the intention of selling pet tags (might be a complete waste of time but i'm going to give it go) My questions are; Does anyone have any experience of running an engraving machine (specifically a GEM-RX5) from a generator? I have spoken to Mike at U-Marq and i know what specification i need but wondered if anyone has used a specific make/model of generator? Also has anyone else tried doing country fairs? With thanks Paul
  11. Paul_

    Paper bags

    I put every key in a zip bag with a paper slip informing them that "sometimes small adjustments are necessary" blah blah blah I feel this is far more professional than just giving them back a key. It costs only a couple of pence per customer and we factor that into our pricing.
  12. Paul_

    Paper bags

    We've always used paper bags for shoes and plastic for boots. I've been looking at paper carrier bags for boots but they cost a lot more than plastic! Also we put all cut keys into plastic zip seal bags, I think we will move over to paper. But you are right too much plastic in packaging from manufacturers.
  13. Hi V, I once had to fit 10prs of pink dance shoes with pink soles. Just bought pink leather skin and glued them up with suede side down. Perfect job. Customer was over the moon.
  14. Paul_

    mister minit

    I'd imagine looking at the date of the original post, this refers to Cando4U. They have 3 or 4 shops in Somerset, owned and run by the Harris family one time directors (?) of Minit.