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  1. Has anyone seen the price reduction on this machine ? Just a shame it doesn't work with Insta code yet .
  2. lock&quay

    JMA Multicode

    This is the reply I got from Insta code , That seems to go against the info I got from SKS ? "We had communications with JMA in March 2017 regarding communicating with this machine. Funny thing is we heard from them again a couple of days ago. I’ve been advised it isn’t a small job because of how the machine works but we are reopening discussions with them on this".
  3. Any of Dave Fotheringhams machine are ;)...The Borkey lords machine is pretty good as well.
  4. anyone have any experience with this company .?
  5. lock&quay

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Mostly green band ones down my way ,will it do these ?
  6. I know it's time consuming but It could make the difference on a sale Numbers of padlocks etc .
  7. lock&quay

    Caliper gauge

    I use the digital ones & filed the tips thinner to fit in between cuts easier .
  8. I've been looking at 2nd hand Gravograph M20 iq & U-Marq tx5 type machines but they don't offer a warranty & I know nothing about servicing these machines . Would i be better off getting a new one ?
  9. lock&quay

    Cuts too deep for jaws

    I do quite a few of these for boats , I've never had a problem using a Silca Bravo .
  10. lock&quay

    Cuts too deep for jaws

    Is this a double sided key ?
  11. A few months ago I had it in mind to get either a Silca Futura or a Keyline Ninja total .Mainly due to suppliers being very slow in getting back to me I've had plenty of time to get opinions & advice mainly on here .I have a Silca Viper with edge kit so that has all car keys covered , ref Yale superior keys it sounds like I can do them quicker on my RST & Punto machines & engraving I'm better of with a stand alone unit at £2-3k..I have a HPC blitz that does a great job on standard keys so why spend £10k in vat ..is there something I'm over looking ?
  12. lock&quay

    Paxton fobs

    The company that fits these only charges £9 per fob down my way .
  13. Any idea when the patent runs out on the magnet type profiles ?
  14. I was doing a load of these for the ERA B/S Rim lock & noticed that they were turning clock wise but not anti clockwise , It turned out that I had to also run over the shoulder as well it hardly took anything off but made the difference , I'm also having to hold more & more Silca key blanks in one of the flutings as there is less metal below the lowest fluting , I guess to save on material. .
  15. lock&quay

    Cutting Era (Silca ER2)

    I never had to do this on previous stock .
  16. Last night I dreamt that I was a sales rep for Aldriges & I was getting lectured for not achieving targets by some manager .It was horrible . Makes me appreciate what I have even more than I do . :)
  17. I'm looking for a graphic/picture of a vault door to cover a internal door must be good quality for sign company . cheers .
  18. lock&quay

    Sharpening Machine

    Is there a model number you would recommend ?
  19. I've recently been asking for quotes on a Silca Futura & a Keyline Ninja , None of the companies have seemed to have read my email fully as I don't need the Auto adaptors that they offer in some of their Web page packages .The offer of one company to come down & show me how to work the machine made me laugh as they broke my Silca Viper by putting a plastic key in it ..Even I knew not to do that
  20. lock&quay

    Obtaining Quotes

    Well I was about to transfer funds on a DB deal but I asked to confirm the amount & it has gone up 10% lol . anyone selling the Silca Futura Pro unlimited yet?
  21. Any feed back on this would be welcome .
  22. lock&quay

    Cobblers to depression

    If I'm not interested in it I don't do it .
  23. Hi does anyone recognise this , 7 dimple & fitted on a steel door ,thanks
  24. lock&quay

    Dog Tags

    A friend of mine a few shops up the road from mine is a really good engraver But He doesn't want to do Dog tags . What would be a good machine for this type of thing ? cheers.