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  1. lock&quay

    Dimple keys

    I have the RST & Punto , I have the punto set up for mainly the laser cut on the magnum & the RST for the dimple cuts ..At the moment I use the Iseo R6 cutter .as that also covers the multi lock Garrison as well as others ... I was about to get a computerised machine but having second thoughts as it looks like I can do them quicker with my existing machines from what I've read . I'd recommend looking at a HPC blitz for your next machine for cutting keys from code maybe .
  2. I haven't had a problem with deliveries , But it seem they are another company that are not interested in answering my emails asking for a quote ? last time I spent £10K it was in the States they actually answered all my questions & including import duty it was cheaper & support has been great .
  3. I'd like to know what company builds the A9 & what company builds the SEC -E9 Time to do a bit of research .
  4. lock&quay

    Dimple keys

    I'm really pleased with my RST Mustang , still looking for best cutter to use on the Magnum/Yale dimple cuts though ,
  5. lock&quay


    Occasionally if I'm in the mood I get a customer that asks if I cut keys & I say No ..that fact that I have 3 x 4ft keys in the window & signs saying keys cut here & thousands of keys on the wall means nothing .
  6. How fast is the Ninja as it only does one pass ?
  7. Does anyone have any experience with this machine ?
  8. This Futura is starting to sound a bit gimmicky to me .
  9. None of that crap meets B/Standards . The ministry started going back to mechanical stuff years ago & most people I talk to prefer car keys & not remote stuff ..
  10. If you are with FSB get their legal team to check it . Terms & conditions have to be a certain size font & easy to read ( not on that nearly see through paper ).
  11. lock&quay

    Ninja Total

    I was checking one out & what I didn't like was that even on hard steel keys it just ploughed straight in & other makes will make at least 2 passes , Can the Ninja be re programmed to do the same I wonder ?
  12. Maybe they are selling to finance a Futura , I don't do a huge amount on mine but it has paid for itself & I'll probably get the edge kit for it ..I'm really not impressed with some of the online reviews I'm looking at online of this Futura.
  13. I have no doubt that it is a good machine , I have some high end Borkey machines I might let go as I hardly use them to justify a purchase & make room .
  14. I just had laugh at the price lol .... I can't justify that type of budget as I'm not Vat registered .
  15. lock&quay

    which machine to buy

    I've been told that on any hard steel keys like ankerslot the silca will take a layer at a time & the Ninja ploughs straight in .
  16. I use JMA U26D & never had a problem .
  17. I've recently been asking for quotes on a Silca Futura & a Keyline Ninja , None of the companies have seemed to have read my email fully as I don't need the Auto adaptors that they offer in some of their Web page packages .The offer of one company to come down & show me how to work the machine made me laugh as they broke my Silca Viper by putting a plastic key in it ..Even I knew not to do that
  18. lock&quay

    Obtaining Quotes

    isle of Wight .
  19. I've been getting a few returned faulty , anyone else getting problems ?
  20. My mate ordered a machine from US & customs took it apart & left it to him to put back together .
  21. lock&quay

    Silca Futura Pro

    I use a HD Punto & RST mustang for all of these , Although I did break a cutter today trying to rush the laser cut on a Yale Superior , & after doing the angled cuts I follow up with vertical cuts . Ref the Brisant keys I haven't had any back since using the new JMA key blank . I have a friend that has the Silca Futura & has also just got the Ninja & prefers The Silca Because when Cutting hard metal keys like the Anker slot The Silca takes a layer at a time & the Ninjas just digs straight in .
  22. lock&quay

    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    The key is not going in one end by 1mm , It's intermittent & works if tapped in with a small hammer seems like a burr on the inside of the cam stopping tip of key engaging , Not very good QC on my batch . It's a shame as they seemed very good value for a EN1303 rated cylinder .
  23. I stopped doing Locksmith call out stuff some years ago , My Shop is in a high street & was wondering what might be a good retail products to get in . I already have a good range of locks & key cutting stuff . I was thinking Zippo , knives ? cheers.