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  1. The owner of a local Indian take away always tried to dictate to me how much cutting a key would be , Until the day he swore at me my reply was " I never dictate to you how much I pay for one of your meals & I never swear at you, You're banned for life" you don't need customers like this .
  2. Instacode didn't cost me £9k
  3. After having a go with a Futura If I was a Auto locksmith only I'd go for the Viper yes it's not as portable but it's in a different league The edge kit even works out if the key is square in the jaw or not & takes that into account .
  4. I've recently did a A/B on the Futura Pro & had it sat right next to the Keyline . What I like about the key line was that it worked better with Instacode It's considerably cheaper But what I really don't like about it is that when cutting a key it does it in one pass ,not great if cutting a hard steel key with deep cuts or any key having said that .One of the suppliers reps have told me that this can not be altered & that the motor is strong enough to deal with it ? In my opinion I don't believe that they know what they are talking about . I've contacted Keyline Head office & suggested that it could just be a software update & they agreed & are looking into it .If they do update it I'd go for the Keyline . I was put off the JMA machine because it won't work with Instacode . I also don't like the idea of paying for updates on the Silca machine .
  5. Yes what is it ? Jet washer ?
  6. I use to have staff in my shop & I thought "Why am I out fitting locks I hate fitting locks " just to pay their wages & I'd always take more in the shop when I was in there & to pay someone full time I'd have to double my turn over . Anyway from a suppliers point of view the most powerful tool you have is having a good website I don't always go by price , emails for deals & new products .If I want to know about a new product I ask on a few forums , I'd never trust what a rep says .
  7. what's the difference / thanks .
  8. hi , How many keys has the future cut ? thanks.
  9. I'm in the process of re fitting my shop , How many of you have a trade counter ? i'd like to see some picture of your shops to get some possible ideas before I commit . cheers .
  10. Having said that his visits did keep me using the company when I could have gone else where , answering questions about products etc. .
  11. lock&quay

    Dog Tags

    A friend of mine a few shops up the road from mine is a really good engraver But He doesn't want to do Dog tags . What would be a good machine for this type of thing ? cheers.
  12. I just had Howard (SKS rep) call to say he's visiting tomorrow . so as I'm refitting my shop I'll give him some slat board to put up :).
  13. Ivor from SKS was great we just talked about Bands I don't think He actually sold me anything & I don't think He cared
  14. can the engraving on these do dog tags ? & are they any good ?
  15. Is any suppliers going to be stocking these ?