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  1. lock&quay


    Anyone have any comments on these machines .
  2. lock&quay

    Buy new or used

    The warranty on the Umarq looks pretty pathetic to me .I might check out the Roland stuff .
  3. Buying used considerable savings can be made especially if not vat registered ...but is it s false economy when it comes to the computer operated versions .. as I know nothing about the reliability of these machines ,Umarq etc .
  4. I've been using a Silca Bravo for over 17 years now & I like it more than the newer versions .
  5. I haven't heard great things about buying stuff on this site , But I've seen something , I'm going to ask for the serial number , If they have a paypal account & demo video .Has anyone have any experience with this site ? . Cheers.
  6. Is this still for sale
  7. lock&quay

    Best key boards

    Looks great ,I'm tempted to copy .
  8. lock&quay

    HPC Blitz wanted

    All my cards are in numerical order I mainly use the HPC for locker / garage keys & all car keys on The Viper that's considerably quicker than the Futura .
  9. lock&quay

    Best key boards

    I use slat board ,tags were given to me by SKS .
  10. lock&quay

    HPC Blitz wanted

    Great machine , there is a Youtube video showing it cutting a locker key 5 times quicker than a Silca Futura .
  11. lock&quay

    JMA Multicode

    This is the reply I got from Insta code , That seems to go against the info I got from SKS ? "We had communications with JMA in March 2017 regarding communicating with this machine. Funny thing is we heard from them again a couple of days ago. I’ve been advised it isn’t a small job because of how the machine works but we are reopening discussions with them on this".
  12. Any of Dave Fotheringhams machine are ;)...The Borkey lords machine is pretty good as well.
  13. lock&quay

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Mostly green band ones down my way ,will it do these ?
  14. anyone have any experience with this company .?