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  1. lock&quay

    New Stock

    I stock both & hardly sell any ,people don't seem to priorities security down my way . I'm thinking of none security related stuff .
  2. I stopped doing Locksmith call out stuff some years ago , My Shop is in a high street & was wondering what might be a good retail products to get in . I already have a good range of locks & key cutting stuff . I was thinking Zippo , knives ? cheers.
  3. I'm with the FSB & they do a good deal via 123 send & world pay .
  4. Are these still sold in the UK ?
  5. What's out there these days that can do a good job of double bitted keys as well as standard .
  6. lock&quay

    Paxton fobs

    I tried this on the entry system where I live but I could't get it to work ? But I will try again ...RW4 reads the green fob as ID46 .
  7. With the Silca 6 pin blank , make sure you grip it on the bottom fluting & not cut from the bottom edge as there is less metal on the bottom edge as on the original.
  8. lock&quay

    silca matrix s

    Even though I can tilt the jaws on one of my machines , I have found that I don't need to on the yale /magnum keys..
  9. lock&quay

    Magnum Superior

    I've had no problems cutting these on a HD/keyline punto machine , But to save time changing cutters I have another RST mustang , & because I can tilt the jaws on this machine do the dimple cuts alternate 15% ?
  10. I have the HD/keyline punto set up for laser cuts on the magnum /yale type keys & the RST mustang set up for dimple cuts . The RST has a lot more adjustment & extras, very pleased with the quality .. The punto has never let me down over 12 years but not as adaptable .
  11. lock&quay

    T10 microchip

    Don't Silca do a T10 key that you can use to clone these via the RW4 ?
  12. If you can get a Fotheringham second hand , Dave Fotheringham made me the very last one superb machines.
  13. I think the quality of key blanks in general is gettiong worse .
  14. lock&quay

    Yale 3 Star superior Euro

    It turned out that the retaining screw only went halfway down the threaded hole & there was also a grub srew in it sticking out the other side that required a allen key to undo , I've never seen this before .