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  1. My way is 1 Fix shoes 2 Charge them extra for cleaning and polishing 3 Start next pair of shoes Simple

    EMK 2 or EMK13 silca
  3. Im selling my wife and I will give for free my plow she is very strong with plowing and drink less water than my horse
  4. Silca servers

    Thanks for your help
  5. Silca servers

    Hi After silca fantastic M box upgrade my RW 4 plus has been downgraded to 087 version ,how too fix that ? Many thanks
  6. Computer parts battery holder for bios get them from old comps or new buy them online
  7. silca Trm2 JMa 3M1D will work
  8. Experience and good customer service ,job done quickly ,thats how to win with Timsons, slowly,slowly they will colapse I hope
  9. A R C key blank

    Easy Entry Machine is best solution
  10. KeyDIY

    Many Thanks for quick answer MVP pro and KD 900 would be my choice
  11. KeyDIY

    Hi Looking for advice about KD 900 kit We use RW 4 plus and M box , is Kd 900 ok too start remote making ? Coments and advice would be welcomed Thanks Simon #-o
  12. Any directions ? Make ,models etc ? Thanks Simon