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  1. Old fashion lock system is the winner for the next 100 years
  2. simon1

    Best key boards

    Just take a look on Tcoledges boards ,nice stuff we recived them last week for new shop is perfect selection for domestic and car keys I preffer ready boards ,no time for making them and they look better then home made stuff Jma ,silca.hd reference numbers under single hook
  3. New blade for opel Help please Money saving inventions
  4. simon1

    Gerda Key

    Gerda Pro System from Poland Silca IE 26S is correct blank
  5. simon1

    Hueck cylinder key

    Must be BK 7D JMA
  6. Start selling ear plugs , easy
  7. My way is 1 Fix shoes 2 Charge them extra for cleaning and polishing 3 Start next pair of shoes Simple
  8. simon1


    EMK 2 or EMK13 silca
  9. Im selling my wife and I will give for free my plow she is very strong with plowing and drink less water than my horse
  10. Computer parts battery holder for bios get them from old comps or new buy them online
  11. Experience and good customer service ,job done quickly ,thats how to win with Timsons, slowly,slowly they will colapse I hope