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  1. grahamparker

    Key identification please

    Looks like Silca KS1 to me.
  2. grahamparker

    Picks wanted

    Aldridges have them.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=era+807&_sacat=0 I could make a key but by the time you add post you might as well just buy the one on ebay.
  4. grahamparker

    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    Sold over 100 so far with no issues, what problem are you having with them ?.
  5. grahamparker

    INF key, cut to code?

    Chinese imports we see these on anything from Mobility scooters/mopeds and canopy locks for truckman style tops. Think they are actually QINF. No codes or blanks available Gray suggestion of DAT12 is not a bad starting point.
  6. grahamparker

    Keys for these locks

    Completly different.
  7. grahamparker


    Been doing the same for over 30 years and we do not charge extra even if sometimes we only break even.
  8. grahamparker

    Would this be unprofessional?

    Absolutely or alternatively leave a note on your window/ shutters with an alternative collection point. Don't mention spanish keys so you will know she is genuine when collecting.
  9. I get some Silca cutters from here. Everything is priced in euro's and you get what you pay for so a carbide 1.5mm will be expensive but should last. http://www.foselect.com/index.php?dispatch=product_features.view&variant_id=618
  10. I have just been contacted by another member who could not send me a new message but manged to use and old message and tag onto the end. Is there an issue with sending NEW messages as RIZ said he had the same issue yesterday.
  11. grahamparker

    Key cut to code?

    Pm me your address and i will do one for you.
  12. grahamparker

    Key cut to code?

    Beat me to it.
  13. grahamparker

    Key cut to code?

    Will have a look in the morning if this series is available on Silca software.
  14. grahamparker

    Superlock key cut to pick

    Looks like the cuts are A D B B D with inner cuts of 2 4 3 3 4. Do you want me to send one.
  15. grahamparker

    Superlock key cut to pick

    Will have a look in the morning for you. Try e-mailing me direct parkers.msc@ntlworld.com
  16. grahamparker

    Rim lock mortice key to code

    I thought it was a gibbons key but just checked and agree it isn't. We have had a few of these in and just copy them as needed.
  17. grahamparker

    squire do not copy

    Contact squire an they will tell you who owns this section. Phone: 01902 308050
  18. I am the opposite Rick, we where one of the first to jump in i think i had my first cloner in 1996 and it has been a steep learning curve, i bought the AD100 and it more than earned it's money then others started to get involved so we only clone now approx 10-20 a week but we have had some cracking jobs from cloning. We supply Scania GB on account and they passed our details to a transport company in Cambridge. One Saturday they rang before and turned up with 40 keys to clone at £45.00 each that was a very good day.
  19. grahamparker

    Watch Straps

    Give them a call, they use physical catalogues rather than online sales.
  20. grahamparker

    Hello to all...

    Started about 30 years ago only do bench work nowadays.
  21. We had them fitted on the local council multi story flats they are master keyed. They where available to code from Union with a bank loan for the cost.
  22. The thing is i have bought 5 companies stock and machinery over the last 20 years so have a good idea of what things are worth. Saying that how much would you want for the 2 rekord plus machines ?.
  23. grahamparker

    Hello to all...

    I am.