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  1. Key ID Please.

    Silca ZD10p is the one you want.
  2. Key ID Please.

    Almost certain ?? It says Zadi on the key blank.
  3. So your actually looking for a Zed-full for next to nothing then.
  4. Henderson double sided key

    Davenports HN3 not sure about instacode, it is not in the Silca software. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/HN3-HENDERSON-CYLINDER-BLANKS/P129044
  5. Key ID please

    Phone monkeys aren't the best, Steve Hick our SKS rep is superb if he is not sure he always finds out and calls me back.
  6. Key ID please

    SKS 660/01 or 660/02 https://www.sks.co.uk/search/?q=eclipse
  7. Single Use Plastic

    Personally i think it is a fake photo but this is the image that went viral.
  8. Brisant Ultion Sold Secure

    There back. http://www.soldsecure.com/search?product_type_id=421&product_type_caption=Euro+profile+cylinder&grading=517&company=&action
  9. What is wrong with the Asec blanks ?.
  10. Brisant Ultion Sold Secure

    It's a clerical issue and will be resolved by Monday.
  11. Key ID Please, Sterling lock

    The Federal FD range key blank will also fit.
  12. I am awaiting an Update From Lee for a rough idea and if it uses the T80 chip and if any further plug-in modules are required.
  13. I nearly put 3 years yesterday, but i do not think it will be so long this time. Come on Silca be first again.
  14. key ID please

    I will pop a couple in the post Dan.
  15. Do you have an approx uk release date for the software and will it use the same chip as the Toyota 80 bit. ?
  16. They have a lot of those boxes set up for all different types of vehicle in the Silca factory in the R & D department.
  17. Ford 80 bit chip

    It's about time Silca jumped back in front for a change.
  18. Paper bags

    That would be a big fine for doing that from our local council if they found out we where taking home trade waste even if it is to recycle. Bonkers.
  19. Paper bags

    We did use 2 zip seal bags yesterday but one had 40 keys and the other 50 and a new padlock.
  20. Paper bags

    Why ?. I can understand if you do Large amounts but every key, seems a lot of waste to me.
  21. Paper bags

    We do not use any bags at all, we charge our customers up front for all repairs and nothing stays with us more than a week. Why waste money on something that will go in the bin when the customer gets home ?.