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  1. grahamparker

    Regent bitting needed

    Yes i know Rick, i posted it so others could see what you are looking for and the fact it is 6 pin. Looks like Ringo has given you a possible answer.
  2. grahamparker

    Regent bitting needed

    Same series different code.
  3. grahamparker

    Regent bitting needed

    Here is the image Rick sent me but it has 6 cuts which has thrown me.
  4. grahamparker

    Opsial key ID

    It's French and that's all i can find Head shape same as tesa. https://www.debonix.fr/quincaillerie/serrurerie/marque-opsial.html?p=3
  5. grahamparker


    If it is chuck it straight in the bin.
  6. grahamparker


    I have been cutting keys for 38 years now and i am still learning. If your stuck post a photo here there are a lot of really excellent key cutters/locksmiths that will help.
  7. Does anybody recognise this safe key and which is the best blank to use it has the unusual sloped edge which i have never seen before. The total length of the key is 117mm and the inner gauge was a 7 and the outer gauge a 2 it is fitted onto an old Stratford safe.
  8. grahamparker

    Key ID

    Just found Tony's number but i would still e-mail a photo for identification. +44 (0) 7957172116
  9. grahamparker

    Key ID

    Try speaking to Tony @ LOKTONIC he used to work at Codringtons so may be able to help here is the e-mail to contact them. loktonic@live.co.uk
  10. grahamparker

    Allgood security keys

    Change the locks.
  11. grahamparker

    Garage T handle

    https://www.fastkeys.co.uk/keys/man/REGENT/700-795/301 Sometimes codes are not where they should be or not available so always look elsewhere, i use fast keys for all sorts of stuff great company and fast service.
  12. grahamparker


    Buy a set of digital calipers first unless you already have some it could be a depth issue. If depth measures ok then it is more than likely left to right alignment. Did you use the shoulder stop as these could be set incorrectly use a double sided key with 2 shoulders and using the jaw as a stop point then check the shoulder stop is set correctly most are adjustable. If this does not cure the problem the cutter may need alignment if this is possible (it is on Silca machines) just use 2 genuine keys from a brand new lock and if it skims a little more from one side than the other the cutter is out of alignment with the cutting guide you will need to move the cutting shaft into the correct position. Calipers are the first tool you should buy when key cutting. I use Mitutoyo and they are superb.
  13. grahamparker

    Double bit safe blank

    No it turns clockwise to open, i have managed to source a kromer blank so going to give it a go with that. Customer is only 1/2 mile away so might remove the lock and have a look before attempting to cut the key.
  14. grahamparker

    Pantograph trophy jigs

    Pantograph Services in Leeds do as well. Here is a link to there website download the pdf for all the clamps or give them a call they are very helpful. http://www.pantograph.co.uk/engraving-machine-vice.htm
  15. grahamparker

    Tune of the Day

    Mantra - Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor
  16. grahamparker

    Mortise key blank ID

    https://www.sks.co.uk/eclipse-genuine-3-lever-mortice-blank-rh Eclipse.
  17. grahamparker

    New Cylinder Machine

    I have a Bravo pro and a rekord plus and both cut superb.
  18. One of the small tricircle blanks can be used for these.
  19. grahamparker


    It was one of the main reasons i stopped using them as it wasn't isolated incidents it happened quite a lot. If you work on your own it's fine but at the time we had 3 shops with different employees opening and putting stock away then when receiving the invoice it would come to light that there where items invoiced for that had not arrived or there special move, supply an inferior product but charge the premium price of the original goods ordered. Never happened to me while using Healey's or Colledges or SKS or Aldridges so that is my experiance and the reason i will never use them again.
  20. grahamparker


    Have you never received a delivery with items missing but invoiced for them ?.
  21. grahamparker


    One of my top 10 keys cut is now Ultion but other than that Ul050 and UL054 IE6 YA1E CS206 LF4 CS7 TX3D ASEC1 and 2 and Asec Vital as we are selling loads of the cylinders.
  22. grahamparker


    B*****S Unprofessional NEVER !!!!!
  23. Will get them in the post today for you mate.
  24. It is the way the software has been written that after every cut the machine returns to the 1 position before making the next cut. I never got a valid reason for this it is just the way they do it at Silca, keys still work fine for me so i don't have a problem.