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  1. Silca software issues

    Hello Adam, Give me a call on 01293 531 134. I will do what I can to rectify any issues. Best regards Matt
  2. The image of the page itself appears quickly enough, but the time it takes for me to be able to scroll down (i.e. for all elements of the page to fully load) is certainly slower for me. Perhaps I'm just getting more impatient the older I get!
  3. I like the new look and features! just a shame that the site is now slower than before. (it appears to be the banners at the top slowing everything loading)
  4. Now available in the download section is the information brochure for engraving on your Silca Futura or Futura Pro. Demonstrations will be taking place at the MLA show in Telford or contact your supplier.
  5. Engraving Kit for Futura



    This is a brochure providing information about the new engraving kit available for both the Silca Futura and Futura Pro machines.
  6. Your description of the issue does sound as though the capacitor needs replacing. The Silca part number for this is D900013ZR and is available via your supplier.
  7. Chevrolet Impala

    In 2020 Silca will be celebrating a 250 year anniversary.
  8. I have uploaded the manual to the download section for you.
  9. Smarty 2000 Manual (ENG)



    Smarty 2000 Manual
  10. Do you mean the Ronis-Dom Titan?
  11. Version


    This is a guide to using the Silca Smart Remote Programmer with the Software Program
  12. Version


    This is the Diagnostic application list for the Silca Remote Programmer
  13. Version


    This is the current list of vehicles covered by the Silca Remote Programmer for manual programming.
  14. Silca Update Information



    This file contains details of new systems available on the latest Viper, Triax and Quatrrocode updates.
  15. Gatemate dimple keys

    There is a specialist guide in the download area. This will show all systems that require an additional cutter/tracer/clamp. If the system uses the standard equipment, it will not be listed. As newer systems get released, updated versions are available from the Silca website www.silca.biz