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  1. I have Just cut 1 of the above and noticed what appears to be a couple of dimples on the original That are not on the blank. My question is, are these dimples required for the key to work or is it some form of machining mark creatin in manufacture. Thanks in advance Bob
  2. kirkybob

    eurospec mp10

    thanks Dave But I am going to dig out myn old jaky colt and see if i can do these when the next one comes in. but that is interesting that you can buy them pre dimpled. Bob
  3. kirkybob


    Yes I think you should spend an hour on the naughty step. but its funny may be i should join you on the naughty step
  4. kirkybob

    eurospec mp10

    not many but still a good thought its only he dam dimples thats the problrem as my multicode cant do these
  5. kirkybob

    eurospec mp10

    so the logical next question can anyone cut these from code for me \if so how much Thanks
  6. kirkybob

    eurospec mp10

    that was quick thanks
  7. kirkybob

    Sums up my life...

    wish I had a pound for every time I hear but it dosent have a chip in
  8. kirkybob

    Zone padlock key?

    just checked and then saw the above mr bargy beat me by 5 seconds, I agree with him by the way
  9. kirkybob

    cutting yale platinum

    many thanks for your responses. just heard from SKS this cutting card will hopefully be available on the multicode soon bob
  10. I need to cut to code a couple of yale platinum on a JMA multicode. Unfortunatly there is no cutting file for the platinum atm, any one know if using the yale superior cutting code and jaws would work. the code is a d e f code with 3 and 2 dimple cuts and a 4 digit laser cut Thanks in advance Bob
  11. kirkybob

    New Era Key ID

    I didnt check stocks but got some last week from davos can let you ghave a couple if you pm addy
  12. kirkybob

    New Era Key ID

    era fortress 6 pin .The genuine blank is available from most suppliers
  13. kirkybob

    SKS prices

    there disabled toilet pre cut is about a £1 dearer thgan davenports
  14. kirkybob

    Description please

    Iam asked for the price of a front door key, when i ask what type of lock "its just a normal front door" Funny they somtimes mean cylinder somtimes mortice and occasionaly euro. God bless the British public
  15. kirkybob

    So True.

    goverment pensions better
  16. Thanks to the forom deal done machine arrived, money transfered . Thank you Malcolm Regards bob
  17. Any one got one for sale. Pm me a price please. Thanks Bob

    my address is

    Connies Hardware

    28/29 the square


    west midlands

    WS9 8QS

    |Tel 01922 334183

    how do want paying, can do card or bank transfer if that's ok

    regards Bob

  19. hi Malcolm I will pm you my addy,
  20. kirkybob

    Paper bags

    we get the BIN POLICE who go through your bin and may prosecute if the wrong thing is in the bin. its a sad sad indication of the world we live in.
  21. kirkybob

    Paper bags

    to get back on topic I have just ordered some sample paper bags that look ok for keys. For those interested I will repost when they arrive.
  22. kirkybob

    Paper bags

    Same here could be classed as fraud or obtaining a pecunary advantage by deception, not the way I see it but in this big brother pc wordl ???
  23. kirkybob

    Paper bags

    We have lots of customers who drop keys/watches off and collect later, bags are the way we keep thing organised so correct custmer gets correct key/watchs. It also alows us to put a bussiness card in the bag promoting our business. But defenitly going to look into paper bags, Iam sure the public war on plastic will grow. Bob
  24. kirkybob

    Paper bags

    We also put cut keys into plastic zip bags, must re think this. Thanks for making me think about this Bob
  25. No not got one. but probably worth thinking about thanks Dave Bob