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  1. kirkybob

    Henderson T handle

    If you dont have the un-fp I think the JMA IN-1 will also work
  2. kirkybob

    Henderson T handle

    It didnt come up on the JMA software till I put the blank in though the blank is on the keyboard as henderson the blank is a union blank.
  3. kirkybob

    Henderson T handle

    JMA un-fp cutting code on multicode is fie 49 biting 13221
  4. kirkybob

    Smartcard deluxe fob, misread.

    I have had the same problem on a couple of occasions, and do exactly the same as you. Somtimes they will re write somtimes not. normally the fobs are re-writable, but it seems occasionaly we get a bad fob. Bob
  5. I once bought a bangood blade for the bravo, came from USA cut 3 keys and through it in the bin. Never bought a " chinese machine " but they are cheaper for a reason is my view.
  6. kirkybob

    Dimple keys

    Can strongly recomend Grahams service if there is somthing he can do for you. Very fast service at a good trade price Bob
  7. kirkybob

    JMA Multicode

    Iam told it should by the end of the year.
  8. unfortunatly no photo available, its a yale key, reverse profile simular to the hd 3a ( 3a dosnt fit) on reverse of head says LK145, ANY IDEAS ? Thanks Bob
  9. kirkybob

    Eldest of to uni.

    dont know about that . I have seen on the tv where the cows come for their milk back, dont put a lock on the fridge might be good advice
  10. kirkybob

    Dimple keys

    I think they are and yes we advertise that we do them
  11. kirkybob

    Eldest of to uni.

    Most people killed each year by animals in the UK are killed by cows. Hard to believe I know, mainly it is unintentional on the Cows part they are just very heavy and clumsy. most victims are farm workers who get crused agains a fence or wall but walkers can be trampled when crossing fields and the cows run across to be freindly, so crossing a field with cows in stay near the wall/fence so you can jump over if they get come towards you.
  12. Iam looking for a key cutter in the Salisbury area, for a friend that lives in Coombe Bissitt. she seems to be having trouble finding one. She runs a B& B so could be more business. Thanks Bob
  13. kirkybob

    salisbury area

    Thanks guys have passed this on and included a link to your web page Paul Regards Bob
  14. anyone know a supplier for these, been asked for them a few times now. Regards Bob
  15. kirkybob

    faraday bags

    thanks Mick
  16. kirkybob

    yale ID

    added this to my list thanks
  17. kirkybob

    yale ID

    I cant sit still that long
  18. kirkybob

    yale ID

    Thanks very much guys, I have a copy of the laser key list, but in my stupidity thought it was for laser cut keys as in car type. Oh silly me. I will now sit on the naughty step for 10 mins. Bob
  19. kirkybob

    Single Use Plastic

    Davenport do the tricircle iron and brass padlocks boxed, not sure if they do blister pack version. I just take one out of the box to display.
  20. kirkybob


    loads of knowledge on here, welcome
  21. I voted in in the 70s when it was a common market, and voted out when it was a political monster. I would still vote out. You cannot put a price on freedom. I think if we manage to extract ourselves from europe with out too much damage then that would start a mass leaving, and poossibly a new common market as leaving countrys join with us. The fedralists in europe fear a return to a common market ( or a loss of there power and money ) and will do all they can to damage us, to prevent others following.
  22. kirkybob

    Cheap watches

    Buy our cheap watches at local cash and carry pay about 2-3 quid each
  23. Iam looking for a trade supplier for wss locker locks ronis cc series link KM14700. thanks bob