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  1. Thanks to the forom deal done machine arrived, money transfered . Thank you Malcolm Regards bob

    my address is

    Connies Hardware

    28/29 the square


    west midlands

    WS9 8QS

    |Tel 01922 334183

    how do want paying, can do card or bank transfer if that's ok

    regards Bob

  3. hi Malcolm I will pm you my addy,
  4. Paper bags

    we get the BIN POLICE who go through your bin and may prosecute if the wrong thing is in the bin. its a sad sad indication of the world we live in.
  5. Paper bags

    to get back on topic I have just ordered some sample paper bags that look ok for keys. For those interested I will repost when they arrive.
  6. Paper bags

    Same here could be classed as fraud or obtaining a pecunary advantage by deception, not the way I see it but in this big brother pc wordl ???
  7. Paper bags

    We have lots of customers who drop keys/watches off and collect later, bags are the way we keep thing organised so correct custmer gets correct key/watchs. It also alows us to put a bussiness card in the bag promoting our business. But defenitly going to look into paper bags, Iam sure the public war on plastic will grow. Bob
  8. Paper bags

    We also put cut keys into plastic zip bags, must re think this. Thanks for making me think about this Bob
  9. No not got one. but probably worth thinking about thanks Dave Bob
  10. I am still looking for one if anyone has 1 to sell Bob
  11. price survey

    hope not
  12. Missed post saturday will get off today Lee


  13. Key id

    I agree with the above, and you may find a Viro blank will fit'
  14. I have messaged you but had no response. Bob
  15. Howdy