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  1. kirkybob

    jack russell pet discs

    nowt as queer as folk
  2. kirkybob


    come summer use it as a door stop
  3. Been using a silca bravo pro for several years now, but at the moment its in for repair other than that been great. I have been loaned a keyline easy and must say I am not impressed at all. Bob
  4. kirkybob

    key help

    super, this forum rocks, just ordered some from jma. Thanks
  5. kirkybob

    key help

    Thanks for such a quick response, It sure looks right I will order some in Regards Bob
  6. Small plastic topped key with CL on the head, and on the blade 0055 cc written in the format as in the picture, ie with the cc under the number. Deff not a ronis (JMA ro-39) as CC would suggest more a HD CAX1R. Customer wants severel cut to diff codes as lost keys to some of the filing cabinets, my Multicode dosent seem to have codes that match this with the cc at the end. Any suggestions welcome.
  7. kirkybob

    silca EU5R

    JMA EU-7 ? Bit thinner but might fit Bob
  8. kirkybob


    agree Graham the forum does seem to be very staid these days, More humour is needed to help through the dreary toils of life.
  9. kirkybob

    TOK 007 Fire Alarm key

    that comes of spending too much time under the table
  10. kirkybob


  11. kirkybob

    Henderson T handle

    If you dont have the un-fp I think the JMA IN-1 will also work
  12. kirkybob

    Henderson T handle

    It didnt come up on the JMA software till I put the blank in though the blank is on the keyboard as henderson the blank is a union blank.
  13. kirkybob

    Henderson T handle

    JMA un-fp cutting code on multicode is fie 49 biting 13221
  14. kirkybob

    Smartcard deluxe fob, misread.

    I have had the same problem on a couple of occasions, and do exactly the same as you. Somtimes they will re write somtimes not. normally the fobs are re-writable, but it seems occasionaly we get a bad fob. Bob