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  1. kirkybob

    squire do not copy

    THANKS GUYS Problem now sorted Bob
  2. kirkybob

    squire do not copy

    there is no name or tel no on the key. I will email you Thanks
  3. I too would just cut it from universal, But it does look to me like a davenport K477 diff C19. although Graham is usually right. I will hide in a dark corner for a short while Bob
  4. A local housing association are sending their tennants to me for copies of this key, they dont know where they bought the locks from many years ago. says on key do not copy - SNKS 00102 - 155 on other side Squire F31 Any one anty ideas where to either get blanks or keys cut. Sorry phone battery died after 1 photo. Thanks Bob
  5. I had a 1947 Morris Minor with split screen sold it for £25 wish I had it now.
  6. don't know about the golden fleece been living in the west midlands for 18 years
  7. kirkybob

    key id please

    Thanks guys, the altzimers must be working well. Completly overlocked that one. Bob
  8. welcome. I come from about 15 mile north of you in Wakefield, but not living in the west midlands.
  9. key is for a hold open device on a door, oriental writing 1 side, 455 other Thanks bob
  10. What Graham said but get more, as much as poss
  11. kirkybob

    Hello to all...

    welcome, there are lots of very knowlegable people on here so dont be afraid to ask.
  12. Iam not a cobbler and so cant help you with the docs, but I can tell you that abusive responses are not normal on this forum. I hope the responce you received has not put you off visiting again.
  13. kirkybob

    Stiffening leather

    many years ago as a gliding instructor I was issued RAF pilots gloves, which where white chamios leather. Unfortunatley they got wet (open cockpit and rain) when they dried they where very stiff, they went soft again when wet but hardened again as they dried. dont know if that little tail from my younger days helps.
  14. kirkybob

    eurospec mp10

    thanks Dave But I am going to dig out myn old jaky colt and see if i can do these when the next one comes in. but that is interesting that you can buy them pre dimpled. Bob