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  1. Have you try my special designed diamond for glass engraving?
  2. My correct number is 0785 3236686 the other one is not longer mine thanks everybody marino
  3. Marino

    St. Christopher

  4. Marino

    Carbide cutter sharpening??

    Hi , I doing cutter reshape service too. Even on diamond tools.
  5. Marino

    Suregrave machine

    By a Gravograph! Just a piece of mind....
  6. Marino

    Windows 10

    Any gravostyle Software except gravostyle gift works on Windows 10 if it is installed properly.
  7. Hi Ian, Give me a ring, I have got the solution for you...
  8. Do you like an Is200 instead?
  9. Marino

    Pet Tag engraver

    Hi Phil, we don't use CNC standard machine here, but specific engraving machine using a specific software optimized for quick engraving jobs. in the engraving business the engravable fonts (2-3-4 lineas) are the clue, you must look at Gravograph or Roland or umarq to have better idea. Marino
  10. Marino

    gravo 98 dongle

    I got one
  11. Jayke you can buy a training day..... The best way to learn it.
  12. its something wrong with the power board defenetely. If you need one just let me know.
  13. Marino

    VX2 1991 model

    Uk2 is not a Gravograph product. You need looking for the supplier of this controller
  14. Marino


    What is your budget?