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  1. I think it seems a very long time when you first start using a Futura because of the amount of times you stop and turn the key or change the clamps. Once you get familiar with the machine and the order of the cuts etc it becomes much quicker. We cut a fair few Yale Superiors on ours as we use it to cut to code for trade customers and we have it down to 7-8 minutes a key.
  2. It look like a Mila window blank - KWL48, we stock these. https://www.independentkeys.co.uk/Window+Key+Blanks/0_CAAA010_CAAA006.htm
  3. Chris @ IKS

    Quest original blanks

    Hi Adam We keep genuines of these in stock as we have always had a few customers that struggle to cut them. Chris
  4. Chris @ IKS

    Key I.d

    This is the 2ZF profile. They are special order from Evva Austria - lead time approx 3 weeks.
  5. They buy from all over the place. Long gone are the days they brought from one key supplier.
  6. Chris @ IKS

    Obtaining Quotes

    Where abouts are you based lock&quay?
  7. Chris @ IKS

    Davenport Burgess ER6

    Only in the past 12-18 months have we started to get people ask for another brand, before that we only kept Silca.
  8. Chris @ IKS

    Davenport Burgess ER6

    We are having all sorts of negative feedback on Era blanks of all makes at the moment. We have customers who specifically ask for any make but JMA 'because they don't work', the very next phone call will be someone specifically asking for JMA as 'the Silca ones don't work'. We have never stocked HD in Era profiles but sounds like there are issues there too! Is the common denominator here the Era lock?
  9. Chris @ IKS

    Old Yale security key

    JMA YA-14I covers the YN series.
  10. Chris @ IKS

    key id please

    It's a Sterling blank used on cash boxes, post boxes and alike. We stock these here https://www.independentkeys.co.uk/KB009B/0_CAAA010_CAAA001/PRAB395.htm
  11. Chris @ IKS


    Done - Good luck!
  12. In a lot of cases coined keys are actually cheaper. Silca's coined keys work out cheaper than their standard ones, but obviously you are buying 250+ at a time.
  13. Chris @ IKS

    New Era Key ID

    There is an agreement between Aldridges and Charles Birch that Aldridges supply Silca products to the locksmith trade and Charles Birch supply Silca products to the Shoe Repair trade. That is why if you phone up Aldridges and say you are a Shoe Repairer looking to buy keys they may not supply you.
  14. Chris @ IKS

    New Era Key ID

    We have a few left in stock - Code is GKB002
  15. Chris @ IKS

    Key id

    Sorry - still bleary eyed after moving house at the weekend. You are right it fits on one of the Tesa blanks, no codes available but can be duplicated on a manual machine.