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  1. Chris @ IKS

    Key id

    JMA JU-2 I think - going from memory as out and about and not in front of a book / screen. It's the reverse of a Silca JC2R / HD A1045.
  2. We keep the genuine Greenteq in stock as well.
  3. Chris @ IKS

    ABUS Key ID please

    We stock Silca AB89
  4. We have stock of these if you still require them.
  5. If it was 1 year old that would only be roughly 4 keys a day - hardly say was hard core use.
  6. Chris @ IKS

    Avocet. Pioneer

    Yes we keep the originals, not a copy available as far as I am aware of.
  7. Chris @ IKS

    Avocet. Pioneer

    Card 3936 on the Futura Chris
  8. Chris @ IKS

    Tri circle shutter padlock

    Pretty sure it's a Silca TL14 but doing that from memory
  9. Chris @ IKS

    Square head keys

    We keep both of the in genuines as there are no copies from Silca / JMA / HD yet as I am aware. Universals are a bit hit and miss on them hence we bothered to source genuines for our customers. Gridlock one is here Just released the Asec one isnt yet online... will be in a mo! Is now ... Asec Vital is here
  10. It's a different profile to the existing 6 pin patented blanks hence shortening the long wont work. The profile is the same as the Silca YA93 / JMA YA-46D / HD YAX5. However it is 5 pin and has a patented shoulder, this one slopes on one side rather than both like the existing one. FYI We have stock of these too!
  11. I think it seems a very long time when you first start using a Futura because of the amount of times you stop and turn the key or change the clamps. Once you get familiar with the machine and the order of the cuts etc it becomes much quicker. We cut a fair few Yale Superiors on ours as we use it to cut to code for trade customers and we have it down to 7-8 minutes a key.
  12. It look like a Mila window blank - KWL48, we stock these. https://www.independentkeys.co.uk/Window+Key+Blanks/0_CAAA010_CAAA006.htm
  13. Chris @ IKS

    Quest original blanks

    Hi Adam We keep genuines of these in stock as we have always had a few customers that struggle to cut them. Chris
  14. Chris @ IKS

    Key I.d

    This is the 2ZF profile. They are special order from Evva Austria - lead time approx 3 weeks.
  15. They buy from all over the place. Long gone are the days they brought from one key supplier.