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  1. Fast Fix Elgin

    Description please

    Shoe care profitable..... I find that hard to believe especially with aggressive pricing
  2. Fast Fix Elgin

    posting key machine

    Depends on weight as well anything over 25kg will be expensive
  3. Fast Fix Elgin

    Can anyone vector this please

    Thanks all All in hand now Cheers
  4. Fast Fix Elgin

    Can anyone vector this please

    Not yet working on it
  5. Does the business have other services key cutting, watch repairs or engraving how big is the shop, what kind of area is it in, what is the ratable value If you have more information it might help in the sale
  6. Fast Fix Elgin

    Sole stain

    have you tried brushing on dark tan kiwi, it comes up very well
  7. Fast Fix Elgin

    Cast Brass Memorial Plaque

    Ohh wow how many cutters would you go through
  8. Fast Fix Elgin

    ASSA D12

    I don't usually like JMA blanks BUT if they work why not Anyone on this forum deal with KEYBLANKS.EU
  9. Fast Fix Elgin

    ASSA D12

    Searching for ASSA D12 blanks and have come across this site from Lithuania, has anybody dealt with them ? 2.50 euro a blank
  10. Fast Fix Elgin

    Key cutting machine advice

    Think of it like this If you buy the Lancer it will hold a good resale value forever and a day, if you look after the Lancer you will get back 50% of the retail value of that machine after many years of good service So really your buying the Lancer for half retail price in the long term.
  11. Fast Fix Elgin

    Accountant situation

    Yes I agree I sacked my accountant , I work closely with a book keeper now for all my PAYE and TAX. Half the cost of an accountant
  12. Fast Fix Elgin

    timpsons buy johnsons

    This is the time perfect time for you to step up your game take this challenge head on, be better than your competitors