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  1. chrisorros


    Well i've got Raynaud's disease i.e "white finger" from working the machines over the years. Pain, numbness & piss poor circulation in the fingers & thumb on my right hand. Only for the first half hour of most winter months. Simple fix is to run it in hot water for a little bit & use a stress ball to warm up the hand. Other than that nothing to moan about lol
  2. chrisorros

    Best key boards

    Make your own. Did this to save a ton of wall space. I have 9 cupboard/key boards like this. Much easier in the long run. I have 3 boards in the space of one. You can even put an addition centre board to 5 boards space in them if needed.
  3. Tcolledge have them
  4. chrisorros


    It's ok send her some... That should cheer he up lol
  5. chrisorros

    Comunello cylinder gate key

    Not seen one for awhile but i think you can use a CS207 or a ulo051 from memory
  6. chrisorros


    Make a poster with this image taken from you CCTV asking if anyone has seen this thief that broke into your house yesterday coursing you to close early. Job done
  7. chrisorros


    Just a quick thank you for the great service & advise for repairing a standard 943 stitcher.
  8. chrisorros

    Key for top box motorbike

    Try a silca EU5R
  9. chrisorros

    ABUS Key ID please

    Silca AB89
  10. chrisorros

    Zoo levers

    Cheers Mark
  11. Struggling to find anywhere selling levers for the ZBSCD67SS (3g114). Anyone know where i can buy lever & spacers for these.
  12. chrisorros

    New Ronis keys

    I would agree the bitting should be 31313
  13. chrisorros

    Rock Door key

    A bit off topic but had a "Origin" key come in on the same blank. Same blue head as the ATK & same number sequence on it. Never heard of the company.
  14. Does anyone know where i can get hold off a dimple cutter & tracer for this machine? I'm looking to have it as a back up just in case our main machine goes down.
  15. Would agree it looks like a small padlock key. Try you Tri-circle range.