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  1. chrisorros

    Engraving into animal horn?

    I'll give the shop a call & get them to call their supplier to confirm what exactly it is before we proceed. Thank you all for the advice chaps.
  2. Bit of a odd request this one. We have a shop near us that is selling animal horn tankards....game of thrones style sort of thing. All hand made to order. I have been asked if we can engrave onto them. Oddly enough never been asked to engrave into this sort of material. Has anyone had any experience in doing this?
  3. We have quite a few other key cutters round us & people are always bringing in their blanks swearing we cut them. Having the keys stamped with our logo does make this much easier & quicker to show the customer they weren't cut by us. For that alone a couple of pence it's worth it on time saved when this happens.
  4. I use Silca. We have used JMA from time to time as they where a little cheaper but have always gone back to Silca as better quality keys in my opinion & i have had few issues with JMA quality of blanks
  5. lol... well played.
  6. chrisorros

    Key codes

    Try a Silca EU5R (25001-27000) or a LF27 (25001-25100)
  7. What about is they identify as a Apache helicopter?
  8. chrisorros

    ISI key ID

    Third for silca RU14
  9. If you decide to split it up could you please pm me a picture of the guillotines with a price please.
  10. Charles birch do SVIG in multi-able colours for soles & heels. You can buy them in single as well what i find helpful as i've had to get the bright orange in past & didn't fancy having extras. Also the colour in the pictures are about 4 shades lighter than what they are in real life. SVG155003BL for 7mm s3 heels in blues SVG405006BL for 2.5mm s6 sos blue
  11. Looking to get a metal zip (Silver tooth) on a white fabric. Any idea who would have them in stock?
  12. chrisorros

    Dog Leads and Dog Collar Suppliers

    Hadn't been asked in years but the last couple of months we are getting people ask as we do pet tags. As we are getting people ask for them i thought the same that they would go great with the pet disks. One of the shops is on the same street as the dog groomers & another branch is in a small town with no pet shop as it closed down.....not a great start to the idea there, but they are also getting enquiries.
  13. Dog collars and leads, does anyone know a good supplier of these? Is it something that you get asked for frequently?
  14. chrisorros

    Silca Futura Pro

    Yes this true. I got in the new shape (U12) & tried an original (U11) & it gets court on second flute. Having looked at BRS1R profile in it does show to still have this flute. The question is how long till they bring out an updated blank to fix this problem?