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  1. chrisorros

    New Ronis keys

    I would agree the bitting should be 31313
  2. chrisorros

    Rock Door key

    A bit off topic but had a "Origin" key come in on the same blank. Same blue head as the ATK & same number sequence on it. Never heard of the company.
  3. Does anyone know where i can get hold off a dimple cutter & tracer for this machine? I'm looking to have it as a back up just in case our main machine goes down.
  4. Would agree it looks like a small padlock key. Try you Tri-circle range.
  5. If your doing the DIY root i would say quicksohl would be better to use on larger holes than stormsure. https://www.amazon.co.uk/QuickSohl-QUICKSOHL-black/dp/B003BNXK3C/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_309_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=X0H2C3JVP3PX011MR5X8
  6. chrisorros

    Key I.d

    Looks to be one of the old Evva restricted sections
  7. I would charge trade a tenner a pair, a customer £15. It's the investment I've made on my machines to do the job correctly. If my competitor doesn't like my prices they can invest in their business. I would also hope that the customer would come & use myself in the future to get the job done right. Might sound a bit harsh but i'm not a fan of finishing off other peoples jobs.
  8. chrisorros

    trimark laser key

    Do you know what cutting card it is on instacode?
  9. Best machine is the triax e code but on you could look at the miracle A9. Used one in the smaller branch for your & not had a problem. Much slower than a triax e code & the finish on the key is not the same level but for smaller volumes of keys it does the job fine.
  10. chrisorros

    Engraving into animal horn?

    I'll give the shop a call & get them to call their supplier to confirm what exactly it is before we proceed. Thank you all for the advice chaps.
  11. Bit of a odd request this one. We have a shop near us that is selling animal horn tankards....game of thrones style sort of thing. All hand made to order. I have been asked if we can engrave onto them. Oddly enough never been asked to engrave into this sort of material. Has anyone had any experience in doing this?
  12. We have quite a few other key cutters round us & people are always bringing in their blanks swearing we cut them. Having the keys stamped with our logo does make this much easier & quicker to show the customer they weren't cut by us. For that alone a couple of pence it's worth it on time saved when this happens.
  13. I use Silca. We have used JMA from time to time as they where a little cheaper but have always gone back to Silca as better quality keys in my opinion & i have had few issues with JMA quality of blanks
  14. lol... well played.
  15. chrisorros

    Key codes

    Try a Silca EU5R (25001-27000) or a LF27 (25001-25100)