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  1. lockdecoders

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    unit 14 park rd ind est park rd swanley kent br88ah
  2. lockdecoders

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    send the missing codes to me and will get them added.
  3. lockdecoders

    engraving machine which one?

    You need to make blocks for that and it needs a cutting machine to make these blocks.
  4. lockdecoders

    Miracle a9 fault need help

    I have asked him to send his machine in for a look at on Friday and today.
  5. That looks like the old crafter key.
  6. lockdecoders

    just seen this

    and a burnishing compound and then wiped off. Should be easy to do.
  7. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    if we stopped building then the Chinese would have nothing to copy and then where would you guys be??????
  8. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Red technology builds the Miracle Key Machines and they are in South Korea and we are the sole supplier for these machines in 40% of the world. The SEC9 is a Chinese counterfeit machine that has copied the Miracle Machine. RedT has a patent on various parts and the SEC9 is infringining on these patents.
  9. lockdecoders

    Items for sale

    You need the A9 Auto Jaw for calibration.
  10. I did speak to them on your behalf.
  11. They will reply to you. I would wait a short bit. They have been on a months holiday.
  12. lockdecoders

    Miraclone wanted

    what has a Viper to do with a cloning device?