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  1. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    if we stopped building then the Chinese would have nothing to copy and then where would you guys be??????
  2. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Red technology builds the Miracle Key Machines and they are in South Korea and we are the sole supplier for these machines in 40% of the world. The SEC9 is a Chinese counterfeit machine that has copied the Miracle Machine. RedT has a patent on various parts and the SEC9 is infringining on these patents.
  3. lockdecoders

    Items for sale

    You need the A9 Auto Jaw for calibration.
  4. I did speak to them on your behalf.
  5. They will reply to you. I would wait a short bit. They have been on a months holiday.
  6. lockdecoders

    Miraclone wanted

    what has a Viper to do with a cloning device?
  7. lockdecoders

    CN2 Chips

    dont use Aliexpress.
  8. Are you sure as the Sprinter went to an electronic key on 2006 models and i have a 2015 and it still has the electronic key. Maybe this is the USA built Sprinter which does use a ID46 key. I think it uses the eis in the back but keyed on the front like the VW crafter. I would be interested if you can to get a scan of the EIS and the key.
  9. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Well said Rick and thanks Mario. Tech support is where it comes. An example was we delivered a brand new machine to Mario. On delivery it was faulty which is rare. We immediately delivered him another machine. We have found various dealers selling the SEC-9 key cutting machine which a total rip-off of our Miracle A9. This is plain and simple intellectual theft. Of course, one can be cheaper if one does not have to do the research, product development, prototyping and software development. One can be cheaper if one does not have to carry spares, consumables, offer our famous two year warranty and our unequalled technical support and continuous updates. There are far too many Chinese fakes of all sorts of locksmith equipment. What is more when you go on line to communicate or update how do you know who is now accessing your computer? Be warned.
  10. lockdecoders

    Supervag Wanted

    retail is £3357.00 plus vat Key Diagnostic Speed Flash
  11. lockdecoders

    Simply keys

    i even saw a picture of me there. Fancy that. I thought it was very well done and as usual you had some great deals.