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  1. I have a similar approach, how much a key like that innit? £4.50 I give £4 No £4.60 I give £4 No £4.70 The message soon gets through O,K I give you £4.50 Too late its gone up to £4.80 I don't get too many barterers now.
  2. Flash

    Embracing change

    Ive been hearing this since credit cards were invented. Just think about it, its already been tried in two major cities, never lasted more than a few weeks, Complete disaster.
  3. Flash


    Picture may help!!!
  4. Key needs to be copied, as is, not to code, we have seen this problem before.
  5. I remember Harold very well, and you are right, he could talk for England, but a very nice bloke.
  6. As you quite rightly say, it's a matter of opinion, in mine he's a great bloke.
  7. I believe it"s a brilliant piece of kit, the fact that I don't, won't, can't, use it is a different matter.
  8. I understand the problem, but we have more than one machine and more than one staff so it works quite well most of the time. Last one I attempted took about 1 hour!!!
  9. Only 200! are you slipping?
  10. I don't understand the hurry! Allow the customer to watch there key being cut, they appreciate the extra cost a lot more. You don't actually stand there watching it yourself do you?
  11. Flash

    shoe stretcher parts

    Not a lot of help to our trades posers!!!