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  1. "Hole in the road Sheffield" Been filled in a long time now.
  2. Flash


    Done, good luck Lee.
  3. I don't remember being offensive to anyone, if I have offended anyone I apologise, I just don't believe fitting a pair of Vibram units to a D.M.upper is a very good D.I.Y project. If the D.M. have little value then by all means give it a go. My advice remains the same, if you value your D.M. then seek expert help.
  4. If you value your doc's best advice is to take them to someone who knows what they are doing. The doc units can be replaced but it's not a job for a D.I.Y. er.
  5. "Heavy duty eyelets"? I thought they came in different sizes, shapes, colours, etc.
  6. Flash

    Old cabinet key marked "20"

    As I said "if ALL suppliers adopted the same attitude" Birches davenports, how would anyone get supplies?
  7. Flash

    Old cabinet key marked "20"

    This always gets to me, we won't supply you unless someone else is already supplying you!! If all suppliers adopted the same attitude how doe a newby get supplies?
  8. Flash

    Key ID

    I believe it's an error in the JMA catalogue.
  9. Flash

    Key ID

    Maybe JMA VI7???
  10. Always the same in this trade, we buy a piece of equipment and 72 years later no parts available.
  11. I can't see a welt roller, I see a ranger designed to cut a leather bend into ranges I think. I don't see a skiver either.