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  1. Always the same in this trade, we buy a piece of equipment and 72 years later no parts available.
  2. Hi Robin, nice to know you are o.k. I fear it's to late for me to care one way or the other, but you personally know most in this trade and I dare say you could slot most of us into the correct category. Why not you become judge and jury to start it off?
  3. I can't see a welt roller, I see a ranger designed to cut a leather bend into ranges I think. I don't see a skiver either.
  4. Fitted one of these today, customer brought his own strap for me to fit, not to difficult to replace strap, but wouldn't try fixing broken one.
  5. leather belting

    How can you get "two pairs of left feet"?

    Could you please keep topics of a sexual content in the correct section.
  7. loop king laces

    I remember stocking coloured leather laces many moons ago,(not Loop King) the problem was the strength, we had many complaints of them snapping. Ended by scrapping entire stock, so a bit wary this time round.
  8. The trimmer on e.bay appears to be the fine ribbed one, there is a coarser trimmer to trim D.M.s.
  9. Hope & opportunity

  10. Amazing how long we can hold our breath with little practice!!!
  11. Original instructions with D.M. electric knife reads " gives off harmless but acrid smelling fumes" Don't know how true the harmless bit is.