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  1. So now we aren"t having a C.E. trade show for a couple of years are suppliers doing there own thing?
  2. Flash


    Recently received invoice before goods arrived, credit notes take ages.
  3. You think Chris Wilson will be there?
  4. Flash

    hi everyone

    Hi and welcome, I certainly could do some advice sometimes.
  5. They can be done better using hot knife, but not advisable in a shop environmentt, to many fumes.
  6. Cut old units off at joint with sharp knife, clean welts by scouring on finisher, (don't damage welt stitches,) obtain units of correct size, attach with suitable adhesive, trim edges with suitable trimmer, simple repair.
  7. Flash

    Best key boards

    Looks great, best of the bunch!!
  8. Flash

    Best key boards

    I like your sign re: service suppliers!
  9. Not bad advice, about 9 years late.!!!
  10. Flash


    Moan, Moan, Moan......are we a load of wimps or what!!!!!!
  11. So it appears no-one has actualy changed their minds, the outers are still outers and the inners are still inners, very strange after all the pressure put on people for a second referendum.
  12. With all the latest info on brexit I was just wondering how many of us have changed our mind in the last few months. All the scaremongering, good deal, bad deal, no deal, if my memory is correct I seem to think most of us voted out. Has anyone had a change of mind? or is the consenses of opinion still out?