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  1. forgot I'd already asked this question and had an answer, cheers...
  2. Hi, I'm looking for keys cut by the Easie Entrie, I saw you replied to a request I'd forgotten about a while ago.


    can you still help me please??



    1. Broms Cobb

      Broms Cobb

      Hi yes,

      £5 each incl vat.

      (if you put your telephone number etc I can phone you for the payment)

      post to





      All I do is cut the blanks you have to shape yourself, 

      also put how to post back - I will send a receipt with keys.

      01527 576560


    2. Happy Dude

      Happy Dude

      That's great Martin.

      I've just posted the blank by 1st class recorded delivery so you should get it on Monday.

      This is the last genuine SAH blank I have so I must get it back thanks...

      I've put one of my shop cards in with it for the address and shop phone number.

      many thanks.


    3. Broms Cobb
  3. Hi, looking for someone to do some Union keys for me on the Easie Entrie, is anyone doing this trade work. I usually get them from SKS but the last couple of batches have been poor with breakages or just not fitting, a bit expensive at £6.00 a pop... thanks in advance Les...
  4. Imagine that scenario 4 or 5 times a day, every day... one time I was told it was 99p for a yale in Birmingham, I'm in Edinburgh
  5. They took the one out of the asda closest to me and the staff point folk in my direction, I think they were fed up with the complaints. The sainsburys along from me have a Johnsons cutting keys but only 1 or 2 in there know what to do and the others send them to me for anything other than a straight yale. The only thing is the hagglers, "£10 for three keys in asda" why are you in here then?? "I got them and they did not work" Mine are £10 for three keys that don't work, £13.50 for three at actually will work.
  6. Might seem a strange title but there's method in my madness I think. I am sick to the back teeth of a certain type of person coming into my shop and trying to haggle me on the price of say 2 Yales, even to the point where I have been loosely called a racist because I won't give them money off just because they ask for it. So I am wanting to keep a range of the cheapest blanks I can find so that if I do decide to knock a little bit off they're not getting my expensive UK and EU made keys. does anyone have a link?? thanks in advance
  7. ha ha, so I did... I've just been knocking them back but a mate of mine has a really expensive pair and is asking if I can do anything. Things might have moved on in 10 years...
  8. What is your method of doing this job and what's your success rate??
  9. where I am there is a lot of tenement buildings with standard yale style locks on the doors, a huge amount of these properties are rented flats for students so If I cut coined keys with the shop details on them I get a lot of repeat customers for both the front door and the properties themselves. I've using JMA at the moment and they seem ok.
  10. I just use water with a spot of washing up liquid in it for lube, I use an 8 faceted diamond and get great results, though they do tend to go from brilliant to dead with no warning.
  11. Happy Dude


    can you send me a picture of them please 07801 162 526 cheers les...
  12. Happy Dude

    Paper bags

    I still use paper bags, all finished work that will fit in a repair bag go in a dookit on the wall with 9 separate spaces with the ticket stapled to the front numbered from the last digit on the ticket 1 to 9 (0 in same place as 9 as long as there's space) It just looks more professional to my eye and is the way I've done it all my working life carrying on from my dad. It's a ball ache if customers come in without their ticket but at least their names are up front and centre. Get my bags from Colledge these days.
  13. Happy Dude

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    Same up here in Edinburgh, they keep opening pods in car parks within striking range of their own bricks and mortar shops, it's eroding the bonus for the managers and staff in proper shops and they're getting P'ed off with it... I have a Johnsons 200 yards along the road in a Sainsburys, I know the manageress well and any key stuff they couldn't manage her and her staff would send them to us, when T's took them over she told me she wasn't allowed to recommend me for keys they can't do and have to point them to their nearest T's shop which is at least 2 miles away. When we had a foot of snow a couple of weeks ago the city ground to a halt, no buses running T's staff were told that they had to make every effort to open their shops, if they couldn't get in they had the choice of taking the day off as annual leave or not getting paid. Investors in people??... lolololol
  14. Happy Dude

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    people are idiots, a woman came in " how much for 3 Yale's", I'm £3.95 so I says £11.85, so with a smirk on her face she says "Asda 3 for a tenner." I said "so you're holding a multi national, multi billion pound company's cheap deal over my head for £1.85 when this shop is my only source of income"? "Well I never thought about it like that" They're £11.85 for three, do you want them or not?" "OK, here's £12.00 I'll go and wait out in my car" I cut the keys, waved at her to come in and she waved me to come out to the car, "here's your keys and here's your 15p change" "just keep the change" "No, take it, nice car by the way", (brand spanking new Audi TT £30K+ probably) "oh yes it's very nice" "and you tried to haggle with me for £1.85, see ya...!!" I have seen her several times since with shoes and keys, she admits that she never gave it a milliseconds thought that small shops should be more expensive than big shops but now shops in the high street as much as she can... I blame that wee mockney #### Dominic Littlewood, I saw him on TV recently telling everyone High Street shops are ripping you off and you should haggle for everything, he even boasted about haggling over a bottle of ketchup and was proud as punch he got 20p off of it claiming everyone was having a great time while he haggled, try that in my shop you dick. What a tosser...