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  1. Ell bee patio key

    Check out JMA VI-9D

    Cuts are 2122433 if that helps
  3. I've always had this problem with the Eurospec brass keys. I now use the Chubb 114 blank (SKS Ref. 373) & there haven't been any problems. Try them sometime, they work for me.
  4. Ssangyong keycode help

    Looks like a dead-end for this one. Thanks Dave & Graham.
  5. Ssangyong keycode help

    Thanks Graham. I'd appreciate that.
  6. Wondering if someone would be able to give me the cuts for keycode KH3124 for a 2007 Ssangyong Rodius. It's the blade that looks like a TOY43 but has shoulders. Instacode doesn't have the cuts. Many thanks.

    Not reversed.
  8. Ronis cam lock codes

    Sorry. Just re-read your post. These codes aren't your problem. I would try putting a zero in front of others.
  9. Ronis cam lock codes

    Cuts for CC1419 are 22321231. CC1789 is 31232322. Using Silca RO69
  10. Euro Cylinder

    Looking like Cisa then. Thanks guys.
  11. Euro Cylinder

    Don't know. Maybe someone else can confirm?
  12. Euro Cylinder

    Thank you Graham.
  13. Does anyone know of a euro cylinder that is key both sides but can always be opened from the outside even though a key has been left in the inside. Customer doesn't want thumbturn. I'm sure I've seen one but can't recall where. Thanks for your help.