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  1. Anyone do holiday & day off cover in SW London / Surrey Or recommend someone. Thanks in advance.
  2. Key ID. Anyone know which key is suitable for the lock attached. Many thanks
  3. Nothing wrong with asec blanks, Very rarely order from Aldridge, so wanted a jma/silca alternative. I got the Enfield blanks but pretty sure their different.
  4. Are their jma/silca blanks available for this key? Thanks
  5. It's under yale and draper, jma ju2
  6. Thanks for the replies. Looks like the 5YA18P is the right one. Anyone in the UK stock this?
  7. Thanks guys. If you can let me know what you cut it on that would be great.
  8. Onisan2000 any chance on some advise on how to copy these?
  9. Can these be copied? No joy with my smard card deluxe. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies. Neal can you pm me your number please. Im not after a freebie, Happy to pay, just wanna get it sorted.
  11. i think they said their in stoneleigh, near epsom. cloned key by silac rw4. cloned from NON remote key, which was a silca DW04RTE. cloned to silca T33 silca DW04RTE
  12. customer disconnected battery and still not starting. think i will have to get an auto locksmith out to them, anyone know auto locksmith in south west london/surrey?