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  1. how do other members of the forum deal with the dirt on watches had this one in this morning we use latex gloves and scrap it off with a knife yesterday I had one bloke come in took it off his wrist was covered in crap and smell of fish I would never said anything to the customer its to embarrassing
  2. soles'n'eels

    key id please

    nice one Chris
  3. hi does anyone know were I can buy a replacement glass (has a sliver edge around the inside of the glass) for this watch thanks
  4. can you use this blank to cut this key does the tip make a difference or is it restricted thanks
  5. soles'n'eels

    fairy eps file

    hi any one got a fairy eps file please cheers
  6. its quiet today probably because of the cold and snow but never stops the nutters coming out he comes in shouts "hey mate can you cut me a key" yes mate no worries £3.99" so cuts the key "there you go mate £3.99" nutter replies "can I come in Thursday and pay you then, I promise I'll come back"
  7. soles'n'eels

    loop king laces

  8. soles'n'eels

    would you clean these

    I ended up cleaning them couldnt help myself, next time i will take the forums advice and charge for them
  9. A customer has just brought these in for steel heels a said the would be 20mins "How long" she moaned "15 mins then" she then said "no i want them now" then she said how much, I said £5.99 she said "HOW MUCH" THEN MOANED I'll leave them still tomorrow. Now would you clean these shoes for her sometimes I do if I'm not busy what do you lot think
  10. what blank to use if any thanks guys
  11. surely rubbing a banana skin on the shoes would turn them into a pair of slippers
  12. soles'n'eels


    only at the Wigan Branch
  13. soles'n'eels


    brillant idea hair cuts while-u-wait