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  1. hakeemz

    Embracing change

    agree with keith and dave.. no charge regardless of amount..very rarely someone uses card for below £2. and i smile and accept it as part of business
  2. hakeemz

    Laser Engraving machines

    lol you lost me on the 3rd line simply layman english would b appreciated
  3. hakeemz

    Watch Straps

    yes i noticed it, so for my base price strap i switched to cousins.. condor website is useless and makes me spend more with cousins, as i cant be bothered calling all the time, i only use condor for batteries now as cousins charge ridiculous amount on postage if you include batteries in you order.. lbs and condor seem to post them fine
  4. hakeemz


    done. simes..nice footage
  5. as above, please see ebay listing donation to forum charity as usual.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202326344357?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  6. hakeemz


    done,, good luck
  7. thanks rick..it does.. will try it
  8. corel draw..simple and easy
  9. hakeemz

    Key ID please

    559/01 559/02 on sks boards works for this, cutter misses it a tiny bit on one side but still works..otherwise eclipse key blank 660 from sks..
  10. hakeemz

    Watch Straps

    Dont think they do, but if u order 12mm, 18mm, 20,mm in black and brown to begin with then 22, 24 and 16mm get u started,remember straps start from 6mm to 30mm in 2 mm increments and by the time you have ordered all in black brown tan and white you are talking nearly 1000 pound, so i would say start with fast sellers and build your stock
  11. hakeemz

    Watch Straps

    cousins have a very good and wide range of metal bracelets, best i have found and i have accounts with condor lbs and local cashies..
  12. hakeemz

    Watch Straps

    birch sell condor straps anyway, so u might as well buy straight from condor
  13. hakeemz

    xmas rush job. no thanks.

    i just get their phone number and say i will keep you updated..
  14. hakeemz

    xmas rush job. no thanks.

    just a tip..if stem is broken and part of it is in movement, simply attach an extension stem and crown to it..15 min job £20..cousins and jevons have these 9-9 stem extensions for pennies..also stock box sets of stems and crowns for major movement brands like myota eta and ronda..must have for any repairer