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  1. Yes I have, for 45 years I have been hearing it. So don't come in here thinking you have a a new joke about shoe repairers, just f**k off
  2. Gray

    insurance cover

    Mines a bit strange. I pay 2 lots. One for the shop unit I own just contents and customer liability etc, and one to the landlord of the block I'm situated in for the building (terrorism etc that's a laugh) totals about £650 pa.
  3. No takers, I'll play on my own then...Where are those locks?
  4. HaHa love it Rick aka Bryan Mills aka Animal.
  5. Has anyone come to use the EKC today? It's changed. I stored all my keys by hook number on there and although they are still there when you search for a key the hook number doesn't come up anymore. It tells you it's in your collections but you have to go through the whole lot to find it.....Unless anyone knows different. On the old one if I had an empty hook I could type in the hook number to see what key should be there. I can't search by hook number any more. ....I'm not moaning a bit I'm just moaning a lot.
  6. Gray

    Silca EKC

    Brilliant, I wish I'd thought of that.
  7. Gray

    Silca EKC

    Click forgot password
  8. Just had some in to try Graham.
  9. Never had any problems to date with the ERA keys, I have however had problems with these UAP blanks being too thick despite being genuine keys........ I just use the UN6D SLIM... I measure the thickness of everything now to be safe. Search - xgc068 XGC068KBZL GENUINE UAP 6 PIN BLANKPlease login to see your price
  10. Gray

    leather sole groove

    Keith at Standard Engineering or Peter at Siserve
  11. I concur. It's good to have back up from members over the seas. EST (don't know his name) is brilliant
  12. HD HLX2? Silca DAT12?
  13. Sorry Graham, couldn't resist.
  14. Gray

    Side shields

    http://www.reliable-stampings.co.uk/Reliable Stampings Catalogue.pdf Selection here too but not the ones you are looking for.
  15. Gray

    Side shields

  16. https://www.u-marq.us/universal-350-engraving-machine-em-00203
  17. Gray

    Key id please

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourself here http://shoerepairer.info/forum/57-new-members-say-hi-sponsored-by-citysafeuk/. Tell us a bit about yourself
  18. Any plans to put a turbo or supercharger on it?
  19. Nice Simes...... I would have preferred a MK1 but my MK2 came very cheap.