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  1. No takers, I'll play on my own then...Where are those locks?
  2. Never replaced a tracer. Check alignment on a regular basis to allow for slight blade wear.
  3. Gray

    Best Supplier for Laces

    I do like and stock the Shoestring range
  4. Behave yourself. Even with my years in the trade I couldn't make a pair of shoes........... My Great Grandad could.............. Actually I don't know that because he died long before I was born so he never told me he could....... But my Grandad could so I'm assuming skills were passed on to him, and then by the time they got to me (4th Generation) nobody gave a shit anymore.
  5. Gray

    Caliper gauge

    Christ, I actually took a photo of my vernier caliper.
  6. Gray

    Password reset to log in ?

    So what is your user name then Dave?
  7. Gray

    Reliant Kitten Key Blank

    Looks like a petrol cap key. Try Silca AF4B OR AF4D
  8. Gray

    Password reset to log in ?

    It doesn't know who he is. Tony/John/Dave?
  9. Gray

    Side Shield

    Put 20 in the post for you.
  10. Gray

    Side Shield

    PM your Address.
  11. Gray

    Side Shield

    How many do you need. I've got some.
  12. Gray


    Back and knees due to 12 years as a HGV Fitter lying on cold floors, and thumb joints, I put it down to knifing heel fronts for 34years. The rest of the aches and pains are old age.
  13. Gray

    yale ID

    It's a minute for every year of your life on the naughty step Bob. I don't think you're 10.
  14. Gray

    Laser Key X Reference

    Laser Key X Reference View File Laser Key X Reference Submitter Gray Submitted 08/31/2018 Category Miscellaneous  
  15. Gray

    Laser Key X Reference

    Version 2.0.0


    Laser Key X Reference
  16. Gray

    yale ID

    Silca ASEC2.
  17. Gray

    Dog Tags

    I notice it has Version 7. Umarq no longer offer support for this version .... https://www.u-marq.com/forum/topic/7-vistool-7-end-of-life/
  18. Gray

    Dog Tags

    Yes absolutely, as long as it comes with the centre vice and software.
  19. HOOK0608 LEGGE FLAT STEEL, SKS 85, HD 85FS Equivalent codes:
  20. So many songs to choose from..............A great loss.
  21. It's not called bodging, It's fine tuning.
  22. Gray


    Some time ago I had a moan about the fact Glenway put 100 trophy plates in a box and charged £7.99 carriage when they could have gone in a jiffy bag. Tim picked it up on it and thought it was ridiculous. Just ordered 100 more. Guess what?
  23. Gray

    Yamaha blank

    I have some YH3 (CEA YMH3), I'll put a couple in the post tonight.