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  1. Single Use Plastic

    A long while back I bought some degradable carrier bags off Birches. Sadly they all degraded before I even got to use them................ Sent them back... Doesn't look good when you put a customers shoes in and they fall out the bottom
  2. Single Use Plastic

    Did you see that item on Indonesia last night. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-43823883
  3. Yeah 65 and I'm not done yet. I do a lot of brass bench plates and this is a good method.
  4. No I found the topic .......... How good am I. That's my good deed for the day done.
  5. Not wax. Paint is what I use. http://www.mastergrave.co.uk/catalogue/detail.php?product_ID=1618&product_Category_ID= There was a tutorial in downloads by planetUK900 (remember him) Download probably gone now.
  6. Paper bags

    Somebody should put him in a bin.
  7. Paper bags

    WTF so taking all your cardboard boxes home and plastic waste is fraud. Worlds gone mad.
  8. Paper bags

    At home we are big recyclers and I take a lot of stuff home from the shop to put in the recycle bin. I feel I'm doing it for my grandchildren and their offspring.
  9. Paper bags

    Don't hold your breath Rick ..................... Good effort though mate.
  10. Paper bags

    I used to paper bag all my work, and it used to piss me off when you handed it over and they would rip it open like something possessed and hand the scrumpled bag back to you, waste of money. My customers are conditioned to bring bags in with them now. We had the bag charge in May 2011. I haven't bought any plastic bags since then.
  11. Sole stain

    That was it. Fekin awful stuff. I don't care about showing my age. I have a wealth of experience, just can't remember simple things like that anymore. What's that all about?
  12. Sole stain

    Yes It's rubbish, unless I had a bad bottle. Years ago we used some horrible beige paint on stuff, can't for the life of me remember what it was called.
  13. Sole stain

    I use Kiwi shoe polish. I used to use 406 stain years ago but it's shite now.
  14. Key id

    What Graham said.