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  1. Gray

    Embracing change

    I think it was a tongue in cheek remark Count.
  2. Gray

    Delvey suitcase

    BACK NEW SEARCHPRINT (1:1 SCALE) LS13 For: LAS ® (FR) CATEGORY Cylinder Lock, Vehicles USE CARS, CYLINDERS, FURNITURE CYLINDERS HEAD-SHAPE CODE 421 PINS 5 Small pins MATERIALS Steel, Brass, Ultralite SKP CARDS 116 AVAILABLE COLORS ULTRALITE Click here for more information DIMENSIONS BLADE LENGTH 18 mm BLADE WIDTH 6 mm SECONDARY BRANDS ABBES®, ATAL®, DELSEY®, HÄFELE®, JU®, ORDO® SERIES ... 301-675, AA.. 1-50, FH... 1-400, FH... 501-550, JH... 1-100, LH.. 1-60, LH... 1-400, SH... 1-400, WH... 1-400 That is a better one Mark
  3. That's exactly what I do, also if I'm quick enough to see them getting a card out I up the price a bit too to cover charges.
  4. I had a mate that came back from T'egypt with a pair of tyre sandals. He was awesome cornering out the pub in the wet.
  5. Try these https://www.tandyleather.eu/en/ https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/embossing-carving.html
  6. Can work the other way too.
  7. You asked the same question 10 years ago
  8. Gray

    Square head keys

    Hook 3445 Gridlock cylinder key gen hd = GC130 GBS1
  9. Plant aromatics?.............................................wacky baccie?
  10. I couldn't work in all that chaos
  11. Somat to do with her settings. Somebody PM her and tell her
  12. Because nobody wants to talk to you.
  13. Gray

    Dog Tags

    The Umarq Gem TX5 would be my choice.
  14. Gray

    Dog Tags

    I find a spinning diamond is better on dog tags.
  15. Gray

    Dog Tags

    Have a look here too http://www.ronamachines.co.uk/engraving-machine-bargains
  16. Gray

    Laser Engraving machines

    Lost in Translation
  17. Gray


    Yes and Swatkins. They have just made an odd sized silver plinth band for me to a customers spec. Cracking job.
  18. Gray


    Trendsetting Awards Transworld Trophies Goodwill Trophy Co For medals Crystech
  19. All I will say is thank Christ I'm 65 and not starting out again.
  20. Do you think he remembered to cut a key for The Pearly Gates?
  21. Gray


    Mastergrave stock them
  22. Gray


    Have a good holiday Rick and stay off the forum.
  23. Gray

    Cleaning/Polishing Products

    Find the cheapest on Ebay then mark it up.
  24. Gray

    Pantograph letters/patterns

    If you are after something specific try Mastergrave they will make master templates to a design or logo.