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  1. Gray

    Side shields

  2. https://www.u-marq.us/universal-350-engraving-machine-em-00203
  3. Gray

    Key id please

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourself here http://shoerepairer.info/forum/57-new-members-say-hi-sponsored-by-citysafeuk/. Tell us a bit about yourself
  4. Any plans to put a turbo or supercharger on it?
  5. Nice Simes...... I would have preferred a MK1 but my MK2 came very cheap.
  6. Gray

    Hello to all...

    Time difference..........Yes a long time. I personally don't like the word cobbler, footwear repair specialist sounds better. I'm 4th and last generation of my family established here in North Wales in 1906.
  7. Gray

    mvp pro

    You should know better Joe. Put a guide price on it mate.
  8. What makes them different from the usual 0.003 diamonds. How much are they and do they last?
  9. Gray

    Hello to all...

    I'm not a locksmith, I'm a shoe repairer, key cutter, engraver and all round handyman.
  10. Gray

    Hello to all...

    No we just met on here and seem to share the same principles and choice in music
  11. Gray

    Hello to all...

    I'm here opposite Graham.
  12. He wasn't talking about that.
  13. Welcome, Things are generally very friendly and helpful here, Iv'e been in the industry since 1971
  14. It's been going on for ages that Rick. Makes me really angry.
  15. Gray

    Hello to all...

    Graham's probably got a trawler....
  16. NO! ......... Before anyone suggests I buy it.
  17. I rode one of those Graham, It was an animal.
  18. When I couldn't ride bikes any more through injury I bought this to play with.
  19. Gray


    LK126 is UL2