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  1. So many songs to choose from..............A great loss.
  2. It's not called bodging, It's fine tuning.
  3. Gray


    Some time ago I had a moan about the fact Glenway put 100 trophy plates in a box and charged £7.99 carriage when they could have gone in a jiffy bag. Tim picked it up on it and thought it was ridiculous. Just ordered 100 more. Guess what?
  4. Gray

    Yamaha blank

    I have some YH3 (CEA YMH3), I'll put a couple in the post tonight.
  5. Gray

    Embracing change

    I think it was a tongue in cheek remark Count.
  6. Gray

    Delvey suitcase

    BACK NEW SEARCHPRINT (1:1 SCALE) LS13 For: LAS ® (FR) CATEGORY Cylinder Lock, Vehicles USE CARS, CYLINDERS, FURNITURE CYLINDERS HEAD-SHAPE CODE 421 PINS 5 Small pins MATERIALS Steel, Brass, Ultralite SKP CARDS 116 AVAILABLE COLORS ULTRALITE Click here for more information DIMENSIONS BLADE LENGTH 18 mm BLADE WIDTH 6 mm SECONDARY BRANDS ABBES®, ATAL®, DELSEY®, HÄFELE®, JU®, ORDO® SERIES ... 301-675, AA.. 1-50, FH... 1-400, FH... 501-550, JH... 1-100, LH.. 1-60, LH... 1-400, SH... 1-400, WH... 1-400 That is a better one Mark
  7. That's exactly what I do, also if I'm quick enough to see them getting a card out I up the price a bit too to cover charges.
  8. I had a mate that came back from T'egypt with a pair of tyre sandals. He was awesome cornering out the pub in the wet.
  9. Try these https://www.tandyleather.eu/en/ https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/embossing-carving.html
  10. Can work the other way too.
  11. You asked the same question 10 years ago
  12. Gray

    Square head keys

    Hook 3445 Gridlock cylinder key gen hd = GC130 GBS1
  13. Plant aromatics?.............................................wacky baccie?
  14. I couldn't work in all that chaos