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  1. Bren

    Zone padlock key?

    Might get lucky with Silca YA2R ?
  2. Bren


    Good point. I told customer there may be issues but they weren't bothered so a bit of filing has saved me, and them, a few quid.
  3. Bren


    Did a little tinkering with the Silca TG1 blank and now works a treat. Next question; if key is restricted by supplier will my tinkering affect any guarantee/insurance the building owners have?
  4. Bren


    Thanks Graham. Customers original has name and number of supplier on it if any good too you?
  5. Bren

    X T post box key

    Keyline RI 17S ?
  6. Bren


    Thanks for taking the time to do that mate, certainly helps. Original has 'restricted' and a code of R721 on it.
  7. Just had Silca TG1 (TIG-1D) back that wouldn't go in lock. Is the HD brass TIG 1 different? Looks like the back groove is angled the opposite way which is what i need. Or is there another blank i should be looking at?
  8. OK, both heel blocks dropped off...
  9. Bren

    Hueck cylinder key

    When in doubt get the ER2's out.
  10. Me neither, but that Rehagol doesn't half sting when you get it in the eye.
  11. right heel block dropped off
  12. Banana skin to get rid of salt. Also need backlinings in at least one of 'em.
  13. Bren

    Paper bags

    Good work Rick. I do like a nice sturdy cardboard box off Birch's though.