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    Posted today sorry not before,
  2. k4mrc

    Miracle a9

    Got one and very happy
  3. k4mrc


    Hi joe i have looked today thru one of my large sheds - no joy, and ran out of time so tomorrow will look in the other one - sorry it is taking so long
  4. I have done it!!! this was because a 'competitor' kept sending someone in to have a key they could not recognise for us to cut one, then he'd cut the rest of the order, I know this for two reasons, the guy who wanted 25 keys cut came in after he'd been back (about 4) times and the other time the 'competitor' had sent someone to me who spilled the beans - I had used the keg to knock off the reference LOL that was some time ago, years and gladly not needed to do anymore. you pays to learn..
  5. I have no car park, so using council car parks is a big negative for me, I take it that the car needs to sit for three hours whilst it configures the key? This could become quite a problem - my car dealers have their own car parks so that is a bit easier. Hope this gets better
  6. k4mrc


    Reference "very professional and well attended" the marketing is far superior to our trade, with emailing well in advance and even little cards thru the post. All together it gets the attention from most.
  7. Get yourself along to the Trophex this weekend, there will definitely be something there to add to your business.
  8. k4mrc

    Silca ID48

    Our prices (all of us) will depend on localised competition - i will be around forty quid, which will allow for the fact that the boot won't open and will therefore cut more.
  9. bad news - Systen Components trades no more, has this confirmed late yesterday with Dave Berry (owner) apparently they lost a contract with Timpson who pretty much had quite a lot of their stock from them and now import from China Seems even this trade is affected by the imports
  10. PU tops metal tips, master grip soles heels etc etc prices were amazing - I know quite a few of us will miss them
  11. Since this 5p for bags was brought in - have you noticed how many people now say NO when asked if they would like a bag? Best thing ever!!
  12. k4mrc

    Silca ID48

    It's another string to our collective bow's as far as I am concerned, customer's have been 'ripped off' by dealer's prices - so with us being able to do this I feel very happy about offering it as a service in my shop.
  13. Vote For the Best Website within our trade easiest to order from and also follow up with stock on time etc this is where (if agreeable) someone with the knowhow completes this Birch Colledges davenports 3D Glenway etc etc etc
  14. k4mrc

    Key stamp

    Davenport made me one some years ago., probably 20,
  15. k4mrc

    multlock interactive

    Craig does this (I think)
  16. k4mrc

    Gravographs 98

    Go to selection mode, pull your curser down the left hand side of the screen over the small symbols (SLOWLY), it should say (highlighted in brackets) "engrave by colour" double click on this. then you have the line of colours available, then highlight the text and double click on the "engrave by colour" the Blue one for example, then off click on the main screen and that particular text should now be 'Blue' and as long as your tool database ha the correct tool for the pause it will stop automatically after it has engraved your text - thus allowing you to take out your tankard
  17. k4mrc

    Gravographs 98

    Ill try and talk you through - on screen you have the type for the job, (I usually have a dot at the top of text to centralise it all) then a dot at the bottom of it all. click the hand on the left - turn to manual mode then the selection arrow. click engrave by colour the first dot leave black. the main text highlight all and click the next colour after black and double click it ( this turns that text to that colour) then the dot at the bottom of all text highlight it by clicking it then use the colour at bottom of your colour selection (say red) and double click that - there is a button called properties - click it - tool base, and make the red colour a different tool, this will make the computer realise you have to use a different tool and then will stop allowing you to take the tankard out when you get to machining you will see three colours of tool. you need to click each one and turn them to not spin as normal then send the job do a dummy run the first time to check. solving your problem of touching the handle. I hope this makes sense.
  18. k4mrc

    Gravographs 98

    Sorry, busy Saturday - will try soon, but on Holiday this coming week till Saturday will not forget -
  19. k4mrc

    Gravographs 98

    I will be doing some in the morning so will do a video for you and post it,
  20. Had one of my regular customers in with some trophies to engrave, and one of the shields is attached - i am always amazed balled when I see engraving from this era all hand engraved and must have taken an incredible amount of time to do - when I first came into the trade around 1978/9 I was lucky enough to know a hand engraver and used to watch him carving the lettering and each letter was fantastic. It's quite a shame that our engraving machines can't replicate this - unless someone out there knows better?