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  1. k4mrc

    3 PHASE

    yup planned, surveyed, they planned also, first guy one idea, 2nd another - ope less but all done finished by Monday (I hope)
  2. k4mrc

    Back pain

    I have seen one finisher raised for this very reason
  3. k4mrc

    approved index. com

    yup, we all do it last time I had about 30 calls, and got quite rude with the constant questions I am sure they think we sit at desks instead of serving customer's I know that they have jobs and appreciate there only answering our enquiry but takes the Pi55 anyhow
  4. k4mrc

    Back pain

    raise the Power unit??
  5. Hi I have a few Gravograph machines and need to move some to create room they will go upstairs but rather than use cable wondered if it were possible to either wifi or memory stick it? I have a is200 400 and Laser. Does any one have the answer or will It have to be cable to transmit the job? The computer will be downstairs, I have considered 2 PC's but think it best to stick to one. (running gravo7)
  6. k4mrc

    easy entrie

    pm'd you details
  7. k4mrc

    Trophex 2017

    is this show going to be a bit of a waste of time? (I am going on Monday?) However all trophies and even engraving is not as popular as years before, I am solely interested in glass - which I seem todo a lot better with, each year i have noticed a big dip on suppliers at the show the hall gets smaller and smaller with less people attending, but I only go on the Monday so maybe thats the worse day?
  8. I had a conversation today with a guy who 'rents' the part within Johnsons and he is worried of losing it - which i think will be far worse than losing a agent where will this end?
  9. k4mrc

    Shoe Sales.

    I always recommend Loake shoes to customers who ask what type of shoes to buy, I have now got my name on a larger shop - and will possibly follow your lead. many thanks
  10. k4mrc

    perfect shop

    now is the best time to buy if you can, so many on the market
  11. Jigsaw cuts sounds good, can we update our software to do this?
  12. Because the other's are so much cheaper, I usually buy them in at 100 a time, best price that way and the customer never worries about it - so why worry? No idea at this time as not at work on how much they are off the top of my head - but very happy
  13. FSB £299-00 Total all employees but I paid 12 months ago as I figured the nearer it gets to the deadline the more it will cost, In fact one of my neighbouring businesses told me she was quoted one price six months ago and more now?
  14. k4mrc

    Backupegg ?

    nothing on link??
  15. No, this is right - exactly what I'm saying, use the right blank for the right key and your there,
  16. There are more than one Corbin blank, HD supply about 4 (I think) CB7 being the most popular but occasionally (count on one hand) they have not gone into the key hole, But it's not because of the CB7 I picked it up instead of the right blank! I will try and post on here tomorrow the key number's use the right blank and you will not have these problems.
  17. We use cabinet's on wheels with a blind above covering - also locks and stabilisers to ensure it does not tip and hurt anyone
  18. better late than not at all..
  19. k4mrc

    repair receipt book

    Go to your local printer - get your own made and numbered no mistaken customer tickets from other repairers (which we get from time to time)
  20. k4mrc

    workplace pension

    for the employers out there this calculates your employer/employee contributions http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/employers/employer-contributions.aspx
  21. Hi Martyn are you looking for 'Cloning' or programming devices might help get one
  22. k4mrc

    music license for shop

    We have 'finally' got shot of them, I have stated IN WRITING that we have no radio anymore - just in our kitchen away from the customer earshot and it seems to have got rid of them, they kept chasing me even calling into the shop! Monday to Friday it's on low volume, Saturday turned up a bit, but as my shop is only the size of Auto wizard's toilet it has been quite a game, they are bastards to deal with, and when they finally get you then the game really starts as the second company will go for you