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  1. there should be an add on to this, asking "if you have cloning equipment would you re-invest in more?"
  2. k4mrc

    What you charge

    take it on the chin and do it for free, customer relations is the bigger picture
  3. Please DO NOT tell Timpson's, - Reason all of US independent repairer's do well on these sort of jobs - if you tell them they might, just might start doing them LOL
  4. well he lost but it seemed to go on forever, I actually like the change with tribunal systems that the employee has to pay 1200 quid to take employers on, this will ensure no wasting of time
  5. k4mrc


    Talk to Kydproducts they do a 1 inch cutter (quite cheap) very easy to use, and all you do is use ANY colour printer and sick the dome's onto the paper and stick onto the trophy this probably sounds crap, but honestly when you have say an order for 5 trophies it turns out very well without spending stupid money if however your doing hundreds then by all means invest in a cutting paper needed printer here is the correct link http://www.kydproducts.co.uk/index.php?l=product_detail&p=130 they also do various other sized ones...
  6. k4mrc


    I will look in morning, think we cut one today - but manual cut not Futura
  7. I had an employee who suffered these, and worked with me for about 15 years - he found that it was more about controlling his diet than any medicine for instance, Chocolate if he cut it out of his diet he would have less migraines but oddly if he woke with a bad one, Chocolate would act better than Paracetemal ?? He also cut keys, but each person would have the 'defence' saying there's was different - personally i would ask them to choose another career for their health reasons.
  8. Hi Lads (and Lasses) could one or two of you guys point me in the right direction on them Photo things I have read about please? Have an opportunity to do passport pics but no idea's on the right one, have thought of using a good camera and a PC with good photo paper, but have read on here of them small thingy's links if possible many thanks (If I find the right one after doing say 100 will donate to forum money)
  9. k4mrc

    Photo booth?

    Yes I forgot you have them Could you send details etc please Thanks Peter
  10. k4mrc

    Miracle A9

    Sorry, shop hours (I should have put) will call you thanks
  11. one thing might be if they (and other website's) put these email addresses on their site's in the first place
  12. pm me your number I will call you Miracle A9
  13. k4mrc

    3 PHASE

    yup planned, surveyed, they planned also, first guy one idea, 2nd another - ope less but all done finished by Monday (I hope)
  14. k4mrc

    Back pain

    I have seen one finisher raised for this very reason
  15. k4mrc

    approved index. com

    yup, we all do it last time I had about 30 calls, and got quite rude with the constant questions I am sure they think we sit at desks instead of serving customer's I know that they have jobs and appreciate there only answering our enquiry but takes the Pi55 anyhow
  16. k4mrc

    Back pain

    raise the Power unit??
  17. Hi I have a few Gravograph machines and need to move some to create room they will go upstairs but rather than use cable wondered if it were possible to either wifi or memory stick it? I have a is200 400 and Laser. Does any one have the answer or will It have to be cable to transmit the job? The computer will be downstairs, I have considered 2 PC's but think it best to stick to one. (running gravo7)
  18. k4mrc

    easy entrie

    pm'd you details
  19. k4mrc

    Trophex 2017

    is this show going to be a bit of a waste of time? (I am going on Monday?) However all trophies and even engraving is not as popular as years before, I am solely interested in glass - which I seem todo a lot better with, each year i have noticed a big dip on suppliers at the show the hall gets smaller and smaller with less people attending, but I only go on the Monday so maybe thats the worse day?
  20. I had a conversation today with a guy who 'rents' the part within Johnsons and he is worried of losing it - which i think will be far worse than losing a agent where will this end?
  21. k4mrc

    Shoe Sales.

    I always recommend Loake shoes to customers who ask what type of shoes to buy, I have now got my name on a larger shop - and will possibly follow your lead. many thanks