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  1. k4mrc

    HPC Blitz

    Can you please pm me your number - I will call you Tuesday. thanks
  2. k4mrc

    Backing boards

    Hi rick I use a local sign writer's Spa Display Droitwich. he will make up whatever you want. hope that helps Martin
  3. HD say you need to buy in 50's but, I think you have to order 250 per head (same shaped head) but you can have more or less any. I'm thinking os the RS1 keys
  4. I'm a BIG HD fan and had lots done over the years, honestly not sure it's eve worth doing though.
  5. were selling one, £6000 including VAT brand new, (5 months old) not being used, Futura Pro if you're interested I will pm you pics
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-40354561
  7. been thinking on this, and it seems everyone is 'jumping on the band wagon' by criticising all plastic use - If we got say 50 car keys posted without the plastic protection and a lot of the keys were scratched due to them 'rattling' in the box in transit who would we blame? I mean you supply a scratched key to the customer and they comment "it looks second hand?" what are you going to say? oh were against plastic and this is how they arrived? I too did not like the plastic whale that seems to have sparked off quite a debate but we all need to get a grip - maybe the manufacturers will adopt the plastic bags that if put into the water dissolve and fish can actually eat - I hope so.. But this will al take time, maybe the SMSR guys could try and make something of it all?
  8. 1 -davenport burgess made a stamp for me, with my company name on - some years ago, this was one line of very small text then you could stamp your own second line underneath or a second stamp 2 -hand dentist type of thing with little practise, you can easily write your message on from cousins
  9. k4mrc

    Paper bags

    yes, but why not think of having your own brand on them?
  10. Surely this could be overcome simply by posting 'One' odd shoe, could be Ladies or Gents [for the candidate to repair - with say two days allowed to do, and a repair of your choice - the person requiring the crown of master repairer could also pay the return postage etc, and at least you could have some idea that the repair falls within a reasonable to high quality. This could be judged by almost anyone. Charities then could benefit from the repaired shoes (after you have had them both repaired or even the homeless, quite a good PR for our trade?
  11. I spoke with Glen from Glenway this afternoon and this site is one that they have done for a customer that has asked them, they also have talked to a pal of mine about this very thing his name etc and linked to them for the orders - he gets 40% (I THINK) not the same as what were getting but the whole site is dedicated to him thus the increase on commission he has to pay something for it but nothing for nothing. I will be phoning tomorrow for the figures - so nothing as first thought.
  12. k4mrc

    IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    I'm waiting on software to run it, will know in morning then a service and will know..
  13. don't count on that, around here within about 5 miles they have about 5!
  14. k4mrc

    mpx90 problem

    isn't there a reset or calibration that you have to do? I used to own one and I'm sure we used to change settings/calibrate it?
  15. Yes - buy a Varga saw, then you cut any size you want anytime - no messing and make more profit, every time