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  1. IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    I'm waiting on software to run it, will know in morning then a service and will know..
  2. don't count on that, around here within about 5 miles they have about 5!
  3. mpx90 problem

    isn't there a reset or calibration that you have to do? I used to own one and I'm sure we used to change settings/calibrate it?
  4. Yes - buy a Varga saw, then you cut any size you want anytime - no messing and make more profit, every time
  5. IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    I have one for sale in the very near future as awaiting a volume.,
  6. Can anyone vector this please

    think i have this as a fully finished job, will look in morning
  7. from these replies I guess this forum is not the place to sell your business, try one of them companies that do this for a living - your accountant will point you in the right direction. Good luck
  8. Hi from New Zealand

    Hi, welcome is this trade buoyant over there?
  9. Just another repair, easy done but slightly time consuming If you want to you can do while - u wait simply by using double sided tape as a quick stick (we don't do this I rather have about one week or extra £10 within 24 hours)
  10. Trophex 2018

    see you in morning
  11. Versa Key ID please

    are t are they genuine blanks?
  12. Cutting Edge 2018

    Is Youtube not doing jus this? Great idea though perhaps the SMSR should look at this, it may improve there standing within this trade Change of time of year? May time perhaps?
  13. Believe it or not, so do we.. some customer's won't pay the extra makes them look stupid when this happens.
  14. Silca servers

    We also did the update and couldn't link up today, I thought something else was wrong? will re do tomorrow