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  1. I too have more than one staff, but it's far too slow - I guess maybe were too critical there are 4 of us and each time anyone of us get these keys in we all turn to the manual way.
  2. k4mrc

    fishy watches

    Looks like he 'wiped' his arse with it ..
  3. for any one who sells these please be aware they are going into liquidation..
  4. k4mrc

    mvp pro

    the trade in price is 2150 so this is a bargain to anyone interested in a Smart pro.
  5. Do you still have a Unocode still available??

    cheers adam

    07917 583058


    1. k4mrc


      Hi Adam

      yes, sorry had quite a bit going on.

      will phone you by Friday 5pm

      out all day tomorrow 


  6. are you still after one? if so will ring you Monday as away till then..
  7. I got completely fed up sat in traffic about 10 years ago doing about 3. Mph in a very fast car and it’s fair to say traffic is about 5 times worse now that then maybe more. the car cost a fortune and even had it been 100kplus I wouldn’t have moved any faster - motorcycle after motorcycle came passed and I remember that when I was younger (lot younger) I rode a bike because it was all I could afford so then took lessons direct access and then advanced training and now go France Portugal Spain and next year doing Europe changed my life and enjoy pottering about takes my mind off work hassles etc even my wife loves getting on the bike thing is I’m on holidays now in Turkey NO bike but the wife insists and here I am looking at the forum lol get a hobby outside the business “Live to Work or Work to Live” your choice,,,,
  8. Why not make all users pay to advertise say £5 If you sell on eBay you pay and as this is a dedicated trade site surely would e worthwhile
  9. k4mrc

    New Stock

    Some years ago I had this thought, but was showing them to a friend who said “stop. A one who wants one will not think of coming to a cobbler shop - first place they go is a hardware shop” i think he is right diversify by all means- but think where do people usually go first. Internet is effectively driving shops to close so think carefully every time
  10. Get a motorcycle big one lol change your life
  11. k4mrc

    HPC Blitz

    Can you please pm me your number - I will call you Tuesday. thanks
  12. k4mrc

    Backing boards

    Hi rick I use a local sign writer's Spa Display Droitwich. he will make up whatever you want. hope that helps Martin
  13. HD say you need to buy in 50's but, I think you have to order 250 per head (same shaped head) but you can have more or less any. I'm thinking os the RS1 keys
  14. I'm a BIG HD fan and had lots done over the years, honestly not sure it's eve worth doing though.