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  1. CotswoldEngraver

    Engravable House Shaped Keyrings

    U-marq also do a range of 32mm coloured aluminium tags. Perhaps these can be used as a keyring.
  2. CotswoldEngraver


    Trend, Swatkins and Trophy distributors all the way for us.
  3. Who is the best supplier to get Silvo, Brasso, Peek, cleaning cloths etc from for resale?
  4. Agree with Mr Bargy, definitely light touch cutter knob and slow down the feed rate to about 0.3 m/min. I also run the speed at about 10,000 - 12,000 rpm. 17500 seems a bit fast to me thus causing skipping and possibly heat issues maybe. Mr Sheen for lube, magnolia & cherry blossom at the moment (makes the workshop smell nice too!!) Finally, agree that when a cutter goes it just goes without warning. Pantograph services can also re-lap faceted diamonds, not had one done myself but always worth knowing. Kind regards Andy
  5. Not sure if I have dreamed this but was sure I saw somewhere on here that someone does diamond cutter re-grinding although can't find the post now. Looking to get a couple of faceted glass diamonds re-ground. Any ideas?
  6. Definitely Glenway, after having a snoop around at the source code of the trophiesnextday.com homepage, found a code snippit towards end of the page. Enough said..... "<script type="text/javascript"> TrustLogo("https://www.welovetrophies.com/images/evssl.png", "CL1", "none");</script><img src="/images/icon_mcard.png" /> <img src="/images/icon_maestro.png" /><img src="/images/icon_visa.png" /> <img src="/images/icon_paypal.png" /> <img src="/images/st_logo.png" /> </div></div></div>"
  7. CotswoldEngraver

    Gravograph Russian

    Not used Gravograph software but when I have been asked in the past for russian text, I ask them to type it out themselves and then send it to me as a jpg and then I engrave it as an image, that way it stops any chance of grammar errors etc. Also do this when I am asked to engrave arabic text.
  8. CotswoldEngraver

    Large plinth band

    Thanks Gray I'll be in touch as soon as I have a price. Kind regards Andy
  9. CotswoldEngraver

    Large plinth band

    I use a silversmith to make bespoke plinths for me. If you are interested in the cost of a bespoke silver/nickel plated band I can ask him to quote.
  10. CotswoldEngraver

    ring engraving

    I do. I am at Moreton in Marsh. http://www.thecotswoldengraver.co.uk
  11. CotswoldEngraver

    Cast Brass Memorial Plaque

    Thanks both for those pointers. I'll try all suggestions. Kind regards Andy
  12. CotswoldEngraver

    Cast Brass Memorial Plaque

    Cheers Rick I'll give them a call
  13. Hi all Does anyone know where to get a cast brass memorial plaque from. Just a one off for a customer where the church is saying it must be with raised text and not engraved. Only option I could think of is to get a cast one made. Any suggestions gratefully received. Kind regards Andy
  14. CotswoldEngraver

    ceremonial Fireman's Axe

    Mr Bargy you are a star! Thank you
  15. Hi all Does anyone know where I can obtain chrome plated fireman's axes? As per the sample picture, don't need the board as I can get these made but need a supplier for the actual axes.