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  1. Forest Cobbler

    Alfa blanks

    Finally had time to look at Pextra keys online (had to leave out Ancor because I kept getting info about Anchor extra thick cream instead), and I think you are right. So I've sent the same pictures to SKS again asking them to look at Pextra instead of Alfa. I await their reply. Thanks
  2. Forest Cobbler

    Alfa blanks

    I did. They cannot suggest anything else than the ALF-3 that we've already tried.
  3. Forest Cobbler

    Alfa blanks

    Hi, we're trying to identify which blank we need for this Alfa key. We've tried ALF-3 but it doesn't go in. The numbers on the back are 150F 6 and there's A 83 on the front. Thanks, Valerie
  4. Forest Cobbler

    another fishy watch

    How do you deal with a watch like that if your bench is right out in the shop? Ours is just out of sight in the back room, and we still have trouble working on the really cruddy watches without the customer seeing you scraping the gunk off into the bin. Or retching, which is what the boss does when he's confronted with one.
  5. Forest Cobbler

    Pantograph letters/patterns

    Can you post a photo of it?
  6. Forest Cobbler

    Pantograph letters/patterns

    When we had a pantograph machine I used to make my own templates by drawing onto thick cardboard, and going over and over the design with a ballpoint pen until I had created a groove for the stylus to sit in. Then stick the cardboard in place of the character slides. Have to admit that I didn't do too many though.
  7. Forest Cobbler


    Customer hands over an unmarked, non standard cylinder key. Me, in an effort to narrow down the options, " What's it for?" Customer " a lock" ! Really? I would never have guessed. and thrice
  8. Forest Cobbler

    Laser Engraving machines

    gotta love a minion.
  9. Forest Cobbler

    Laser Engraving machines

    'scuse me!!!!! I do reviews on Google. And I am definitely not a liar or an idiot
  10. Forest Cobbler

    Watch Straps

    The Condor website is a bit of a nightmare, but I seem to be getting the hang of it now. You could always arm yourself with the catalogue and put your order in an email to the sales office.
  11. Forest Cobbler

    badge domes

    Hi Does anyone have any of the rectangular domes for Trend's 75mm x 30mm BP117 badge backs? I need about 20. Thanks, Valerie
  12. Forest Cobbler

    One of many uses for masking tape

    Thanks. Just thought it might help someone else trying to work out how to hold an awkward shape.
  13. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    I was hoping to find a tumbleweed emoji, but I can't. So you'll just have to imagine that this is rolling through on an empty breeze
  14. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    Or the wrong end of the mushroom