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  1. Forest Cobbler

    Watch Straps

    The Condor website is a bit of a nightmare, but I seem to be getting the hang of it now. You could always arm yourself with the catalogue and put your order in an email to the sales office.
  2. Forest Cobbler

    badge domes

    Hi Does anyone have any of the rectangular domes for Trend's 75mm x 30mm BP117 badge backs? I need about 20. Thanks, Valerie
  3. Forest Cobbler

    One of many uses for masking tape

    Thanks. Just thought it might help someone else trying to work out how to hold an awkward shape.
  4. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    I was hoping to find a tumbleweed emoji, but I can't. So you'll just have to imagine that this is rolling through on an empty breeze
  5. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    Or the wrong end of the mushroom
  6. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    Sorry, they are not the same thing at all. This is the bit I'm talking about.
  7. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    We get several watches in where the mushroom pin has broken off the bracelet clasp. Usually it is possible to replace the whole clasp, but not always. So I was really pleased to find an assorted box of mushroom pins in the Cousins catalogue. In my ignorance, I assumed that they were two piece affairs that you pushed together though the hole in the clasp, and then whacked with a hammer to secure. I was wrong. It seems that you just put the bottom end through the clasp and then use a punch to knurl it over. Have any of you fitted these before? And if so can you advise the best way if holding everything in place. Thanks, Valerie
  8. Forest Cobbler

    Engraving into animal horn?

    I thought that animal horn was similar to hair rather than bone. I agree with the keratin bit though.
  9. This was on the back of the same page
  10. The boss was sorting out some old paperwork and came across a Footnote magazine from 1997. The repair price list makes quite interesting reading.
  11. Forest Cobbler

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    But, just for you, I have gone gone to the bin and fished out the latest one. The others are long gone.
  12. Forest Cobbler

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    To be honest, I rather assumed that most of you would also receive the monthly email and would therefore know what I was talking about.
  13. Forest Cobbler

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    I deleted it
  14. Forest Cobbler

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    on their monthly newsletter