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  1. and finally fit a chubb deadlock from new about £18 fitted in those days I present the bill - you take £12 no VAT No it's £18 cash, cheque or luncheon vouchers I give you £12 no more OK give me £12 he gives me cash I remove lock and keep from door and leave - leave escutcheons
  2. another chap comes in with a mullerd union oval lock case and the old style oval cylinder with the small ended fixing screw. he had picked it with a bug mer You do fix me chucked into bin I do no fix new lock one of these and one of these £28 tooooo much money you do give me lock I fish it out of bin you do new lock cheap Me one of these and one of these £30 £30? £30? you say £28! I know but you wasted my time and someone needs to pay for that now £30 But I need lock Ok one of these and one of these £32 He stomps out of shop 10 mins later another bloke walks in muses along the shelf Grabs the union case and a cylinder slaps £28 on the counter and leaves
  3. you do me good job last price I get you plenty more work.................
  4. yes I remember well when I had a shop in Slough One such customers asking 'how much onekey' (in those days) £1.50 'how much twokey' me puzzled £3 'no discount for twokey' No! 'in Chalvey they are £1 onekey £1.50 twokey)' Go to Chalvey then! ' he no have proper key to make' Ahhhhh well you see when I have no proper key they are only 50p True story
  5. oh hissssssssssssssss off
  6. God this forum gets worse
  7. I once knew a bloke that made sandels from old tyres he sold thousands - hippy type
  8. Mick Friend

    Sharpening Machine

    I have used a Tormek for 15 years excellent piece of kit BUT DO NOT leave the water bath on the wheel even for 20 mins get into the habit of removing as soon as the job is finished else it cocks up the wheel AMHIKS
  9. dunno maybe dottie lottie?:-)
  10. Chaos? looks pretty organised to me Lottie motherplantaromatics@yahoo.co.uk
  11. I had to reply to a previous e=mail / PM I had sent her - but yeh not workin!
  12. lottie I was after the big brass key I will pm you
  13. Mick Friend

    Level of service at SKS

    Peter Edwards from Davenport RIP he was a terrific salesman - and he knew keys
  14. Mick Friend

    Level of service at SKS

    I used to fill bins
  15. Mick Friend

    Dimple keys

    depends on the make and if the blanks can be purchased and if your allowed to cut them if they are protected by a patent!
  16. Mick Friend

    Laser Engraving machines

    Nah! they taste funny like stale custard!
  17. Mick Friend

    Laser Engraving machines

    mmmm FIGHT!
  18. Mick Friend

    Level of service at SKS

    I have just had to delete 200 words Bah!
  19. kirky save the water post them to me instead I will send you a SAE
  20. Mick Friend

    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    ALEXPO for vehicle specialists 13/14th October see https://alex.lockexpo.co.uk/ and Lockexpo 10th year 2/3 March 2019 see https://lockexpo.co.uk/ worth the visit always busy
  21. Mick Friend

    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    dead I heard
  22. Mick Friend

    Silca EKC

    you think dinozzo?
  23. Mick Friend

    Replace Movement

    contact Lee at Cobb-Lees in felixstow he used to run this forum and what he doesn't know about watches you could write on the stem
  24. Mick Friend

    Assorted insoles

    GOSH I read that heading wrong, Phew!