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  1. I agree Lee which is why I have two 'proper' drones a CAA PfCO and insurance do the odd roof survey, house shots for estate agents, unusual events etc fun and keeps the brain active
  2. ALEX the only European auto locksmith exhibition is this weekend. The Belfry Hotel Nottingham Pre-register www.alexpo.co.uk - it's free and for those pre-registering and attending you will be entered into a free draw for a tablet
  3. dunno I went straight on a break will sort
  4. Mick Friend


    Why waste the energy just leave it on the shelf about as good as the chocolate teapot Lee sold me!
  5. Mick Friend


    is it one of those gadgets you stick a key in and it tells you the blank - sort of thing used in the auto machines?
  6. what do you call the middle though?
  7. Mick Friend

    Keys to be obsolete part two.

    exactly that or the bug to allow developers to get in via a back door is discovered by crooksRus I would not have anything electrical as my security on a door -AND I FIT door access control for the bewildered and disabled
  8. Oh yes it's a solpadein nothing works faster
  9. I have a lightly used Storm I am taking to ALEX
  10. SILCA are at ALEX this weekend
  11. NEC is a killer as are other bigger venues, cost is a major importance to exhibitor as it ease of journeys I have booked an exhibition on 1/12 to attend £8.95 to get in £12 to park the car - Train 4 hours each way - The M/C museum I had a spat with went to look having made an appointment to be met by frosty knickers on reception who told me to wait outside with the dogs - (I had spoken about bringing them as I was off elsewhere afterwards) Then kept waiting 30 mins for the 'sales' to come down. I got pissed and pissed off. This was a for a different show for another sector. Telford is terrible expensive, nothing to do in the area also difficult to get to Ricoh is difficult and expensive NEC expensive and restrictive Al lot you have to have carpet - they sell it to you, their electricians, their catering, their porters not allowed to move products without a porter you have to have shell schemes they sell it o you tables chairs all at huge cost so a 20K hire get to be £40K before you even sell a space.
  12. yes but I got a very rude responce from them, apparently I want to make money and they do it for love.
  13. that is the weekend ALEX is booked for!
  14. are you going to tell us the 2020 dates then or shall we clash
  15. Hi Alex is every two year the first week in October - unless the hotel sells the exhibition setup day (friday) to a engagement party (more dosh) then say oops sorry we made a mistake so it is next weekend - Now Lockexpo is usually the first weekend in March - and for 2019 I have a signed contract he said hopefully - BUT yes alex is more vehicle related not a sole in sight
  16. Mick Friend


    Ahhh I will speak to my Urologist and see if this could be part of my ongoing problem.....
  17. Mick Friend


    just say you had a home invasion
  18. Mick Friend

    TOK 007 Fire Alarm key

    according to my emails it is because i spend plenty good time enjoying myself on sites with girls and they have the webcam pictures to prove it - I am waiting for them to publish it so I can share.....
  19. Mick Friend

    TOK 007 Fire Alarm key

    I know nuffin now brain is fudged, knees are knacked and eyes are finished-
  20. Mick Friend


    ooooooh well spotted - never thought of that!
  21. Mick Friend


    I think the question is - which of these two keys is the correct combo for the key card please - I have no idea obviously two sided and 2 sets of numbers but that's all I can figure
  22. its a lancer probably the best mortice machine ever made- maybe
  23. Mick Friend


    I wants needs havings a laser to engrave wood! I have a need for the odd job like marking a clock face on a wooden blank or names on a place mat nothing special - I am also not dripping with cash so what suggestions for an entry level please
  24. Mick Friend


    I did look at that the video is OK I did e-mail them as import duty can kill a deal DHL charged me £135 on a gadget last month it was only $200 I moaned a lot and got it down to £80 - I will have another look thatnks Martin