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  1. Mick Friend

    Replace Movement

    contact Lee at Cobb-Lees in felixstow he used to run this forum and what he doesn't know about watches you could write on the stem
  2. Mick Friend

    Assorted insoles

    GOSH I read that heading wrong, Phew!
  3. Mick Friend

    Would this be unprofessional?

    have you had your shots and got the passport up to date, I understand they are pretty strict these days on visitors, I think Leeds is closed this weekend but good news is Scarborough has double daytime it will be open from 1400 - 2000
  4. Mick Friend

    Would this be unprofessional?

    well you are the geezer, hope your mum's fine and you have a great day - enjoy it time is short....
  5. Mick Friend

    Would this be unprofessional?

    yep no worries -if you have a local shop that would take them and give him a couple of questions to ask - how many and what type of key and where do they fit?
  6. Poor old lottie I did offer to buy a couple of bits but they had been 'removed' when she went to look. Lottie still happy to promote on the PLF if you wish - mick@lockexpo.co.uk
  7. I did read that but my brain failed to absorb it - sigh so much falls out again these days - Thanks
  8. Yeh! I see that but once in a blue moon I get asked to promote stuff, if a geezer has popped his clogs and the family need to get rid, or some old git gives up and decides to be a lazy git - would I then have to pay to do them a favour?
  9. Oh MAgic, I would love customers like that - I get the - why didn't you call yesterday before it went wrong!
  10. Mick Friend

    Hope they are compliant.

    hibs loads of templates on the web its not rocket science - we hold No/Some data on you we always/never sell it we will delete it afetr 5 years and so on check mine https://www.lasm.co.uk/privacy-policy-2/
  11. Mick Friend

    Stiffening leather

    Thanks Bargy you T**T I have a burned todger now......
  12. You used Abloy and Help in the same sentence? Gosh!
  13. that is a little harsh, He is a nice guy when you meet him, just didn't agree with some things on here. But he does have a huge empire including commercial helicopter flying, locksmiths, farming, etc. But some on here have huge windup keys - not me of course.