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  1. Mick Friend

    Stiffening leather

    Thanks Bargy you T**T I have a burned todger now......
  2. You used Abloy and Help in the same sentence? Gosh!
  3. that is a little harsh, He is a nice guy when you meet him, just didn't agree with some things on here. But he does have a huge empire including commercial helicopter flying, locksmiths, farming, etc. But some on here have huge windup keys - not me of course.
  4. think your being a bit hard on them, they were trying to be PC and got their WORMS MIXED UP if they are from wyoming that would explain it - they only just got main water and sewage..... so none of you fancy a break then?
  5. Mick Friend

    Lynx power unit

    swear I saw one in the last month or so, but I'm away so I can't check But I am old.....Nurse daddy needs wee wee
  6. Mick Friend

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    oh oh who hacked my account?
  7. Mick Friend

    laser wood cuting

    I wuz finking about cutting out clock wall blanks and that sort of thing
  8. Anyone had any experience with this looks like fun -
  9. Mick Friend

    Paper bags

    for keys we used to use these and had a label with our details on - could never get a shoe in one though http://www.buy-stationery.co.uk/q-connect-c4-envelopes-80gsm-self-seal-manilla-1kf3470?X=GS0427104&vat=inc&dvc=c&nwk=g&plc=&adp=1o6&cpn=632377666&adg=34191876492&kwd=&fdi=&trg=pla-82402848492&adt=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_ODWBRCTARIsAE2_EvVNHA89LQUKuaFmYEe_G14y2UiAIUR1la0IsR7kjrc8hOfWP6amDLsaAg3uEALw_wcB
  10. By now everybody will be aware of the sad demise of Codringtons. Abe & Winston filled a very useful gap with the supply of many unique and innovative products. Well all is not lost, Kenny Little known to everybody in the trade is now running a brand new company; Q-Locks and is focusing on the Anker and BiLock aspects of the old company. All the old suiting records have also been transferred so there is also continuity with profiles etc. The remaining stock of the other product ranges has been transferred to Morlands who will be continuing with EVVA and many of the other product ranges. More information from:- Q-Locks contact details: Kenny Little, Tel: 020 8368 5933, email: sales@q-locks.co.uk Morlands contact details: Brian Morland, Tel: 01202 513787, email: sales@emorlands.com.
  11. Mick Friend

    Lock identification

    try camlock systems Eastbourne - maybe
  12. Surely you have insurance on your own VAn and does that not include 3rd party on any car with the owners permission. Also if your stood, sat, sitting in a car with say an electronic device to 'fix' it are you breaking the law- because use of any electrical device while in charge is an offence! - I had a friend in a 2 hour log jam on a motorway and he got reported for using his mobile...... seems the police were more bothered about this than clearing the jam.
  13. Mick Friend


    BiLocks to you as well!!!!
  14. Mick Friend

    Easter weekend

    I think god is at the seaside!
  15. Mick Friend

    rks blanks

    get a few of the forum to go in with you and split a box?