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  1. rob g


    Sorted now
  2. Can anyone do 2 u11017288 for tonight’s post? Supplier has buggered up my order !!
  3. rob g

    New FAP ?? key

    Ygirp silca should do it but there is another one with same head, ss something, have a look in morning
  4. rob g

    Paper bags

    I buy my laces loose,no packaging apart from paper band,look good in there separate bins all labelled with sizes and take up less space on the wall.
  5. I agree.I get a few cash boxes from oap's and kids who've lost their keys.
  6. Hi,are the codes available for these anywhere? Cheers
  7. Snap.cs17 something like that
  8. Hi, looking for the following, STAR HFD6 ignition key for ford skyliner 1959 any ideas?
  9. rob g

    birch orders

    I wouldnt call him top rep ? and DONT use his "tips"
  10. Hmmmm https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/19/waste-not-want-not-sweden-tax-breaks-repairs
  11. Hi everybody,looking for a longer version of JMA ASS 137.original blank has same head of ASSA KB1. any ideas? its for a local golf course cheers
  12. Hi,has anybody got codes for 0807,0891 desk draw locks? think its a LF30r.need DSD and bitting numbers please cheers