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  1. Any ideas on this? Was thinking jma EV2ior 3i but not 100% cheers
  2. Your prices are the same as mine,£5 is fair,only one moaned when I put it up 2 years ago. had a customer in a while ago who brought his shoes in and said the person who repaired them said if I brought them into you you’d stitch them,didn’t even know the repairer???? Still charged them
  3. Hi,bit random but has anyone tried replacing the fabric on an awning? Mines the wind the key job,thinking of changing colour.had a quote from a company and couldn’t believe it !!
  4. Hi,would there be a transponder machine knocking about?
  5. rob g

    Evva key blank

    Seems to work ok on a lot of old locks,can’t imagine it would all though,so thin they work fine
  6. rob g

    Evva key blank

    Think WFU2 would do it
  7. rob g


    Sorted now
  8. Can anyone do 2 u11017288 for tonight’s post? Supplier has buggered up my order !!
  9. rob g

    New FAP ?? key

    Ygirp silca should do it but there is another one with same head, ss something, have a look in morning
  10. rob g

    Paper bags

    I buy my laces loose,no packaging apart from paper band,look good in there separate bins all labelled with sizes and take up less space on the wall.
  11. I agree.I get a few cash boxes from oap's and kids who've lost their keys.
  12. Hi,are the codes available for these anywhere? Cheers
  13. Snap.cs17 something like that